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Agenda 21 in Northern California

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  • The guy is right at 12:20.  The People's Republic of California is a leftist dictatorship, and is the most disliked, if not outright hated state in the union.

  • I love how everyone believes the data from NASA as if it's Biblical. YET they say "THE GOVERNMENT LIES!!!!" —– I Wonder if they know NASA is a branch of the Government. LOL

  • if you delve into the 99{2926adbe9d5efe15cdd71803f3adbd0753091c5491a4687b622765a0a93bb12e} I you would see its a very misleading number. Plus it's not scientific theory to prove but to disapprove

  • global cooling not good ever it mean we may go in to an ice age in some places this means HEATING BILLS GO UP

  • it not a hoaxes the eu was worried about global warming that why they did what they did all farage was saying now it is going the other way you can stop doing this stuff but the question is is it related to what we are doing or the plaint if it us and we stop worrying about it we could create global warming again but dont forget the countrys that do not care and dont help there evidence that the plaint may be looking after it self

  • The concept of human caused climate change happens to be one of history's biggest non-issues. The parrots who repeat the fallacious argument that 99{2926adbe9d5efe15cdd71803f3adbd0753091c5491a4687b622765a0a93bb12e} of scientists agree on it, are the worst kind of fools. These are people who prove the old adage that a little knowledge is a dangerous thing. They have manipulated the facts to fit an unscrupulous political agenda that only hurts people worldwide. The truth is that the science is NOT settled. And this will become ever more apparent as time goes by. Anthropogenic climate change is nothing less than the latest example of politics at its worst. And as for "central planning", the bad news is that it IS indeed communism, whether the well meaning people who espouse it know it or not. In fact, communism works best when most of the people under it are either too ignorant or too stupid to see it for what it really is.

  • Nigel Farage is like a modern Cicero. What an orator!

    I love when the channel owner takes on the bureaucrats in Northern California. What a socialist hellhole.

  • Seems that the influence of Farage knows no boundsHe has won freedom from the EU and now in the new Government the UK Department of Climate Change has been dispanded

  • Simplify it people. Heat is increasing and it's not very nice for any living thing. Who or what caused it will eventually not matter because we'll be in so much shit. The age old problem that will become the focus is that the super rich are preparing to protect only themselves and their own lineage. Millions will perish when they do not need to because the rich will not risk reducing their own protection, facilities, health-care etc.

  • I think there are two parts to all this. Firstly, climate change is happening, and will continue to happen, regardless. There's no denying that the world wide effect of industrial waste, pollution, population growth, energy usage, habitat destruction, etc, etc has had an impact. The science is solid, pollution kills people, wildlife is effected, etc. However, in the grand scheme of things we've barely made a dent in how the earths climate changes over the course of hundreds of years. The earths climate is constantly cycling, albeit too slowly for rational thought it seems.

    However, if the pretence of climate change and global warming is a vehicle to reduce pollution, protect wildlife, and help us all live in a sustainable way then I'm all for it. Why wouldn't you want to live in a world with clean air to breath, an abundance of wildlife, and the resulting increased standard of living this brings. Forget climate change, do it for your own health.

  • One thing you can take to the bank is the criminals who are pushing this Agenda 21 aren't going to be living under the same degradation to their quality of life eg loss of water, mobility, electricity etc that they want to impose on us

  • +The Irish Patriot, lovely video. I might suggest the next time you get up to talk Agenda 21, you have a more cohesive and laser-focused set of talking points. It sounded like rambling insanity. There are some very powerful points on Agenda 21 and Global Warming that can at least get people thinking (those capable of thinking). But your talk was cringe-worthy. I hope you take this criticism as constructive. That takes a strong measure of bravery to stand up to the psychopaths. Prepare well for the next one.

  • you people need to throw all those b**** out of your Parliament and those corrupt judges in your judicial system they're Liars dirty Seavers and ain't none of them religious whatsoever that's just the clothes that they wear to convince you

  • and if that's in America definitely throw them out of office put their names on the internet as dictators and treasonous American garbage

  • There worried about Global warming, however continue drilling, farcking, deforestation and burning of our forests polluting are Waters.
    They do not care about us nore the Planet.

    All officials from the smallest town to the biggest cities. They are all about there paychecks.

    I comment you for standing for the truth.

  • Another NASA conspiracy then. Because it's NASA's data that informs us of climate change. Therefore; the moon landings were filmed in a film studio.

    And the images from Mars were created in Photoshop.


  • You seem to think (3.40) Nigel Farage has exposed climate change as a hoax. He hasn't. For a start, two samples a year apart don't prove a long term trend. Look at a graph of the long term trend – there are pits and bumps, but the overall direction is less ice. Cherry picking a a dip as your baseline is a characteristic way of misrepresenting the science. And secondly. There are many, many indicators that show the world is warming, and that it's our C02 emissions that are to blame. Farage's intervention here is so uninformed it would be funny, but for the fact that there are people like you believing it.

  • i freely choose to ride a pushbike or scooter and not a car, but i will never tell anyone they must do the same. i am against any form of global government. i believe democratic local government should be the most powerful level of government. free will is our god given birthright.

  • The EU is run by Jesuits–and Aldof Hitler was likely the most powerful NWO Europhile since the Borgias. He built his SS on the Jesuits and called Himmler his Ignatius Loyola–founder, with Francis Xavier, of the Jesuits.
    For heaven's sake, we've now got a Jesuit pope who thinks he speaks for the world!
    All the European and South American fascist nations were Catholic and Jesuit-controlled, an historical fact of which the overwhelming majority of Catholics were kept ignorant. I wasn't informed of that at the Catholic schools I attended being one of the many kept ignorant.
    Compared to the Jesuits, the Masons (who are in the pockets of the former) are very small fry indeed. Yet, in real terms the Masons are still very big manipulators.
    It would be interesting to find out how many Jesuit "educated" people are now in high political office in the EU.
    Since the traitor and Jesuit spy Guy Fawkes tried to blow up the English parliament, the Jesuits have hated all Britain and the US–as they loathed Dutch and Scandinavian "Europe–with a passion. That's because these nations would not tolerate their papist interference. That is why the Jesuit John Wilkes Booth murdered Lincoln. (Some believe, with good reason, that the Jesuits also assassinated JFK. )
    Napoleon (to an extent), Lafayette, Doestoyevsky, Dickens, Spurgeon and Nicolini understood and warned of these vicious back-stabbers. (Check on-line the testimony of the former Jesuit priest Alberto Riviera, who was assassinated by the Jesuits. You can also check former priest, Charles Chinquy's book "Fifty years in the 'Church' of Rome," where he includes evidence that the Jesuits murdered Abraham Lincoln. Michael FitzGerald McCarthy's "The Priests and People of Ireland" is also worth Googling. So are "In God's Name" by David Yallop, a former Catholic, and "Hitler's Pope" by historian John Cornwell, also a Catholic.) The Jesuits are not only with us to this day but are ruling the roost through a Jesuit pope.
    The Roman "church" brands those as bigots who can discern Catholic subterfuge–though its most bitter critics are those, like myself, who have come out of their mind-control. Try checking on youtube <Ex Catholics for Christ.>
    Britain had the Reformation, which expelled these sons of perdition–as have even some Catholic countries–which is why they've held a loathing for Britain for so long.
    Two groups they hate with a special loathing are the Jews and Bible-believing Christians ("Protestants") and secular history alone attests these are two the groups the papacy have persecuted most through history. Yet note that they refuse to condemn Mohammadenism ("Islam") in spite of that religion's constant slaughter and terrorist attacks on these groups–without going into Mohammadenism's misogyny, homophobia, genital mutilation of young girls, the training of little children to be suicide bombers, &c. In fact, Pope Francis virtually excused Mohammaden murderers of the Charlie Hebdo employees, and others, as being on a par with those standing up for those whose mothers have been insulted!
    Who would slaughter folk who have insulted their mother? Is this man mad or does he just have utter contempt for the discernment and intelligence of the rest of us?
    I can understand why some Christians see this pope as the Anti-Christ of Revelation. I don't. But it wouldn't surprise me if I were to find out that he personally knew the A-C. If he doesn't yet, he soon will.
    Anyway, to bring the British Isles under papal control–as the pope hoped to do at the Armada–would be the EU's ultimate dream.
    Too many people want out of the EU because of it's blatant destruction their liberties and freedoms. That's fair enough but that's not what people ought to be focusing on, per se.
    What most free Europeans need to look at is evil the hidden hand behind the EU. The power pulling the strings The menace that has always despised liberty and freedom and that is the Jesuit Society. It has invaded many nations, feigning friendship when it's been the foe of each nation it's tried to overthrow.

  • Glad to hear you're living in California, because I live in California too, Ventura County. I'm relieved to find another person as passionate about this subject as I. Obviously, we're both wide awake. This IS very serious, just as you say! Not enough people are aware of what Agenda 21 actually is. Good for you for speaking up at the meeting. I've been searching for meetings in my county, without success yet. I checked the NARC website you suggested in another video, but, could not find any info regarding their upcoming meetings. There is power in numbers right? We would be more powerful if we could all band together to bring awareness to this critical topic. I just can't figure a way to make that a reality. If you have any suggestions, feel free to contact me. Maybe we could research how to make a citizen's arrest of Governor Brown for treason????

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