Non Profit Grants 101

– Non Profit Grants 101 is about the type of grant programs that Non Profits can apply to and what Non Profits should consider before applying for a grant. There’s 100’s of available grants for non profits, both federal grants and corporate grant programs are usually geared specifically toward non profits. Nick Walters explains the type of non profit grants available and how you can leverage those grants to help your community and grow your non profit. Nick also covers his 13 questions every non profit should ask before writing a grant.

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  • If I'm in the beauty business.
    But,I want to create a program that help cosmetologist after graduating.Is that possible.
    Like,I'm not going to receive the help.But,I'm am in that field of work.
    Just asking questions, I hear around;)

  • I've already spread the word around that I'd like to start free karate 4 kids and a boys and girls club. I've mentioned it to Judge Magit and District Attorney Braaten; I've already got the community support for sure. I am a Mixed Martial Arts Instructor and soccer enthusiast, that being said I would like to have an indoor soccer field built in Walker California. I have a program right now that I've started called Free karate for kids, the kids like to call it ninja warrior training; MMA is about discipline and I know a lot of angry kids need it in this world. I was once an angry kid and if I had something like I'm proposing I would not of gotten into the trouble that I've been in. I do have property right on the 395 highway but need the funding and know how to get this project off the ground. Our school Coleville is one of the best in California, but the kids have absolutely nothing else around here. Please help guide me to accomplish my goals. Thank You
    Dylan Hurrle

  • HI,my name is Shuntell and i have a 501c3 non-profit organization and I'm trying to get a grant for a Senior citizens project for homeless or low income citizens to live and interact back with the community.

  • We have a nonprofit whose focus is based on catering to making families whole through offering antibully, anger management, coaching laity in the community on how to deal with mental illness and what it is. counseling and coaching leadership. we are a start up. whats the best way to secure funding?

  • i make new non profit youth forum team for pakistani christian to help them in thier education have you any fund for us.?

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