Non-Profit Storytelling – Introduction

This is the first video in The Non-Profit Storytelling Class from Dan Portnoy.

This 6 week class covers:
How the Narrative Story Framework applies to your non-profit.
How to acquire and cultivate an audience while telling a compelling story.
Strategy to determine Your Best Audiences
The Top 3 Storytelling Principals
The Step-by-Step guide to Audit and Assess Your Social Media Presence — Turn the Social “Me” to a Social “We”.
How to Execute Your “Why” in Your Communications — The “Why” is the most important piece and will inspire your audience to action and support.
Ideas to help your team know what needs to be adjusted to transform your current site into a cultivation and acquisition tool.
How to Create a System to Measure Success (Key Performance Indicators)
The guide to determine your primary and secondary audiences and define the Ideal Behavior for them — Defining what you need will help staff and audiences know what they’re being asked to do.

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  • Be the best storyteller you can for your non-profit. Spread the word to your favorite world changing organization. (If you need a discount code for the class, I know a guy)

  • Hi Dan. Is the 6-week class available at any time for one to view online at their own pace, or was it a past event that I missed? Love your book, btw.

  • Dan, do you have plans to finish this video series? We bought the video series, but there are still only 8 videos.

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