North Korea “Humanitarian Aid,” United Airlines, & Sean Spicer Misstep | Liberty Update 30

Filmed 4/14/17. Topics include tensions between the US, Russia, China, and North Korea; United Airlines and Dr. David Dao, and Clemson University’s new diversity policy.


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  • Will traveling Clemson faculty be suing airlines for leaving on time? Those bastards at United just can't catch a break.

  • I hate the way that youtube keeps censoring you, because you are the only reliable source for news. come on people! what's wrong with the truth!

  • The Church of Satan…OMG I just can't…someone please shoot me. No wonder nobody takes libertarians seriously.

  • keep up the good job. I look forward to herring what you have to say. I sent a message to YouTube saying the same. thanks for the news…

  • Can I please mirror your videos on my channel? All credit will go to you and your channel will be added in a link to the description. I love your work and would dig the opportunity to help grow both of our channels. I mainly do drone videos but occasionally do a Breaking News type video as well.

  • I'm gonna have to remember that excuse about punctuality being racist next time I'm late for work…
    shit…I'm white…nvm

  • Asians want to enter a dick measuring contest? Sure! On a serious note, I doubt NK can even launch a nuke, never mind launch one that won't get shot down over the pacific.

  • Good news update, Doll. There YT molified with inanity. Danm good sh** er stuff, spot on and entertaining as always. An' you're cute to boot. Happy Easter. Best

  • USA going it alone? You mean NOT building a coalition while the enemy fortifies it's position and hides weapons of mass destruction, etc. ? I thought that was against the rules our new globalist elite left wing SJW overlord wannabees forced down our throats. Guess Trump has not read the updates since WW II. Sometimes the lid classic book is the best read…

  • "Give a middle finger to Youtube and facebook censorship" Censors said middle finger. lol.

    And with all of this war looming on the horizon it looks like the perfect time to be going into the Navy! WEEE!!!

  • So, it is all about not allowing North Korea having N-bombs. Every "developed" country in the world test nukes all the time and it is alright. If you are so scared of nuclear fallout, look into a nuclear power plant near you. It produces more radioactive fallout everyday than the test nukes.

  • Your a dream come true… literally a dream. Women like you just don't exist. Love you and your channel ☺️

  • Gotta be kidding me. Tardiness being taught as OK in schools, punctuality is relative? Try that on a job site and see how long you last.

  • At this rate I am not going to let my 6 and 7 year olds go to college when they get older.
    At least not here in the US 😑😑😒😒😒

  • I subbed.

    I just noticed your P2P boost request on minds. First off you should read this blog.
    Unfortunately I can't accept it because I wouldn't want to speak for Roaming and imply her support for anything. I can remind you on my account though.

    Good video other than your subtle jab at Spicier over the chem weapons. We all know he meant using them on the battlefield. Hitler was hit with mustard gas in WWI. He hated chem weapons so the Germans didn't use them in combat. Although obviously what he did to the Jews was horrible. Probably even shows how much he hated them that he would use something he's against on them. Anyway, cut Spicier some slack.

  • I wish I found you sooner. haha your are to funny. Your candid approach to the truth, is appreciated. plus your really cute.

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