Pakistani aid workers distribute food to Nepal’s quake victims

Kathmandu, May 08 (ANI): A Pakistan-based charity, Penny Appeal Organisation, distributed cooked food to Nepal’s earthquake victims at a relief shelter in Kathmandu. Many Kathmandu residents have returned to their quake-hit houses, but some are still in the camp set up by international relief organizations due to the extensive damage to their homes and the lack of basic necessities in the area. The organisation said providing people with cooked food was one of the basic necessities and they were geared to meet the challenge of providing it. The death toll from the April 25 earthquake in the Himalayan mountain nation has reached 7,675 with more than 16,300 people injured. Tahir said they can provide food for a week but are were willing to scale up their operation if needed. At least $2 billion is required to rebuild the homes after the devastation from the 7.8 magnitude earthquake, a Nepali minister has said.

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