Palestine: 50 Years of Occupation: Gaza needs humanitarian aid due to blockade

Since Israel started imposing a blockade on the Gaza Strip in 2007, there has been restricted access to the Palestinian territory by land, sea and air. It’s one of the most densely populated places on earth, and the United Nations say more than half the 1.8 million who live there need humanitarian support. Our Middle East Correspondent Iolo ap Dafydd reports.






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  • Your want normal lfie–ok, first, stopp hamas from firing rockets at kids and no terrorism–then even the Israelis public will demand Gaza to to has access to all trade routes–but you wont, you want rockets, terroism, the right to kill israelis while epxiting israel to sent you free electricity–it dont jive but to your dirty islamci dog brain–it is ligoci. Also the dirty turks, they cry out palestine while oppressing the kurds–a nation of dirty hypocrites and land thieves.

  • We want peace, not terrorists firing missiles out of Gaza.
    If Gaza stops firing rockets at civilians in Israel, so much so, that Israel needed to create a specialized anti-missile system called the iron-dome, then I'm sure Israel would be more open to putting down walls and boundaries

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