Police Raid Hu Jia’s Home, Warn Against Activism

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Prominent Chinese activist Hu Jia has been warned by Beijing police to stop his activism or risk facing detention. The 38-year-old dissident says police took away laptops belonging to him and his wife during a ransack on Wednesday evening.

Beijing police raided the home of Chinese dissident Hu Jia on Wednesday, confiscating two laptops and warning him against his activism. Hu says police told him he may be violating his parole terms, by speaking out and posting his opinions online.

On Thursday morning, Hu was told to go Tongzhou Police Station in Beijing where he lives. We reached him by phone around noon local time.

[Hu Jia, Prominent Chinese Dissident]:
“How are you? I’m at the police station now, it’s hard for me to speak. They just took down my statement, and I’m waiting for the next step. I’m not sure when I can go back home.”

Hu says eight policemen ransacked his home on Wednesday evening. His wife Zeng Jinyan was away at the time, but their four-year-old daughter witnessed the incident.

[Hu Jia, Prominent Chinese Dissident]:
“I did not want my daughter to sense these people were there to harm our rights. The house was full of police, but I didn’t want her to know who they were. But after the police left, she said eight policemen were here. She said this out of the blue, and this meant she knew what was going on.”

Hu Jia was released from jail last year. The prominent environmental and AIDS activist was sentenced to three-and-a-half years for “subversion” — a charge the Chinese regime often uses to suppress dissent.

After his release, Hu continued to work with AIDS sufferers. He’s also extended his support to other activists, including rights lawyer Gao Zhisheng who was recently sent back to jail.

Hu said police warned him to stop his activism, or risk further detention and even fresh charges of subversion.

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