President Obama’s Climate Change Speech

At the Climate Change Conference in Paris, President Obama delivered a speech rallying world leaders to tackle climate change, the most important issue facing future generations.

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  • Obama is right, good speech good speach.  I say global Warming has the power to destroy top leading countries if fossil fuels were to be banned, and a solution is not developed to this remedy…  People would riot if business is compromised because of fossil fuel production, and their cars taken away.  A possible civil war can break out over this.

  • Everyone thinks electricity is the FOUNDATION of life in todays age.  Electricity is not the foundation of life, it is the foundation of America as we know it.  If you will not sacrifice your continuous supply of electricity the grid produces, you'll never know what it's like to live off renewable energy in balance with the environment…  Energy is power, and power is something people will not want to give up…  They will put up a fight, they will riot, they will cause a war…  This is a problem because change is coming.  Your car might forced to be electric hybrid, or something may develop along the way, but the time to act is now.I know cars are important as well, it gets you to your 40hours during the week, but honestly…  Aren't you sick of sitting in traffic???

  • Obama's actions speak volumes about his intent…he gutted and PC'd up the military, made it less lethal. Also put global initiatives, global warming, strengthening the EU ahead of domestic priorities….all calculated decisions, knowing it would weaken our stance in the world. He chose globally vs the U.S. in my opinion.

    I lived through Reagan. It was as bad as the Obama economy. high inflation, 8{2926adbe9d5efe15cdd71803f3adbd0753091c5491a4687b622765a0a93bb12e} unemployment, home loan interest rates double-digit…. less than 4 yrs, Reagan turned that around, with monthly employment averaging in the 400,000 a month, compared to Obama's 180,000 – a month. Reagan ended up average 3.7{2926adbe9d5efe15cdd71803f3adbd0753091c5491a4687b622765a0a93bb12e} GDP growth per quarter…Obama is going to end up somewhere around 1.78…that's horrible.
    All due respect, I reject the notion a President can't have near-term impact.

  • Proud to say I've always admired Barack Obama during his presidency and wished my country had a leader like him, such a good speaker and never failed to deliver a class speech. the Paris deal will be one of the key moments of his legacy, climate change is a major threat to this planet and in recent years high temperature records and insightful evidence proves it is happening and humans must unite together to tackle global warming and speak to convince people who are still in denial or no clue about the serious affects of climate change, it's no surprise all the right-wing lot do not care about it and are busy whining about accused of being racist by the left, centre or anyone else cause of different views when conservatives and nationalists are the ones who bring up race and foreigners in the first place but forget about that, a lot more countries and organizations need to do more on the awareness, information and dangers of climate change. I live in Cornwall where we used to have snow almost every Winter but haven't had tips of snowflakes in years, minor storms and flood have struck past few years which is becoming frequently and one day at the end of last Summer… rain was lashing down triggering flashfloods where the road outside my house was like a river but all settled down that night and the day after it was a warm sunny day, never seen such dramatic changing weather in 24 hours in my lifetime!

  • Over 60 million years ago, scientists say the dinosaurs were killed off by climate change. Hey Libtards and Snowflakes, no humans back then, what caused the climate change back then? I'm sure Obongo or Leo DeCrapforbrains, two of Americas top scientists, will explain their facts to us. The moon is slowly pulling away from the earth, is that caused by people farting? Like George Carlin says….When the earth gets tired of humans, it will shake us off like a bad case of fleas. The End.

  • Let me see if I got this right.  Obama wet to a Global Warming Conference on a
    private jet, following be a helicopter and a 14 car cavalcade, not counting the police escort, I guess that's one way to save the environment.

  • 2017 is the newest warmest change……….obama for president again and again
    magnetic power……ever see those videos ….they'res one there that looks easily create-able …the spinning things 3 rolls –4rolls-5rolls


  • Can someone provide me the source of the various statistics he is giving regarding the carbon emissions and usage of more wind and solar energy in USA?

  • We have come to Paris to show we are the elite. We can burn gas and enjoy ourselves. We will leave millions to our children so they may remain exempt from the suffering of the poor. The poor must be taxed more so they burn no gas. I personally have amassed an $80 million fortune and that's just the beginning. Before I'm done, I'll have as many mansions, yachts, airplanes and all the accouterments of immense wealth like my heroes Gates and Branson. You will have to rise to the moment. Me? I'm exempt.

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