Profiles in Activism – Michelle Fields – Free Speech Wall

Learn about Michelle’s cool project at Pepperdine University.

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  • The dimwits that write that crap about needing sluts to bang them, are always the guy's that never actually gets laid.

  • Why put paper on the wall? Why not just write on the wall? Looks like many papers where ripped down. Then the wall itself was ripped down. Make a stronger wall out of concrete block. Or just pick a wall of a campus building, then video tape 24/7 when did college kids become so tame? Asking permission to have free speech kind of defeats the whole point.

  • @UtherPendragan – That crosses from freedom of speech to vandalism, which is CLEARLY not covered by the first amendment. The reason college students are so tame is because they're not idiots. They wanted to clear it with the school to secure permission because without permission, the original free speech wall paper may have been technically vandalism, and therefor taken down. Your actions would be clearly a violation of campus policy and state/local law.

  • @longbeachboy57 – We have a very strange political atmosphere here. We have these total authoritarian retards that think you have the right not to be offended. There's that, and there are people concerned with EQUAL speech, which is really just a vehicle to regulate speech.

  • Clever marketing. Campus and other libertarian groups need to figure out what sells and is popular and libertarian on their campus and then do it.
    We've got to find those areas in which people are already libertarian.
    Selling gun ownership or reductions in spending on student loans and grants is a bad idea on most campuses!

  • Excellent job!! Keep up the good work of educating others each day. If we all do this we can protect everyone's freedom's and hopefully save this great experiment known as the United States of America!

  • She makes a terrible reporter. Now, I see her appeal (with those that lack insight, forethought, reason (see what I did there?)): I will get in front of my computer, appearing to be naked. That's an effective way to reach an under-educated audience. If I do that, it really doesn't matter if I know what I'm talking about, or not!

  • Ahhh…. Pepperdine. Makes sense. Now we know where she gets her "libertarian" sense of privilege and entitlement from.

    Located in Malibu, that place is priced higher per year of tuition and boarding than most (any?) Ivy League universities… and what do the graduates get in return? Nothing as prestigious. But the entitlement. The ENTITLEMENT!!! GOD GIVE ME MY SENSE OF SOCIAL ENTITLEMENT OR GIVE ME DEATH!!!!

    (Patrick Henry as reinterpreted by modern day libertarians).

  • We need more prominent hot libertarian chicks and handsome libertarian guys. Maybe some folks would be more likely to listen to us.

    I mean, we are running with a disadvantage here, when they have Che Guevara and Obama and we have Ludwig von Mises and Milton Friedman.

    Of course looks shouldn't matter… But this world is a idiocracy after all, let's not kid ourselves…

  • I love it when the best arguments the statists can come up with is vague bullshit like "she's entitled because she goes to an expensive private college".

  • I agree, it betrays their lack of intelligence to go after something so inconsequential. Then they all talk shit about her looks.If she was reporting for the democrats, they would think she is the greatest thing ever. They never counter with facts, just insults.Like Dirty Gupta01.

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  • Why? All she got attention for by certain media is getting a celebrity to vehemently disagree with her and now all of a sudden she was a hero for standing up for the big bad celebrity.

    Otherwise they wouldn't have paid much attention to her.

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