Puerto Ricans still facing a humanitarian crisis after Hurricane Maria

Military operations are bringing supplies and equipment, yet many residents still need help; the San Juan mayor announced people are starting to die.

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  • Aid got there almost immediately and 9 ships are almost there. The aid that is there wasn't distributed because of local fuck ups,not the president's.

  • Jason f You have no idea what you talking about you acting very ignorant. They are American citizens we've been American citizens. Besides being American they are human beings. Puerto Rico and its people are in need of help from the United States. You should be ashamed of yourself and may the Lord forgive you. I wouldn't wish this on even my enemy if I had any. Where is your Humanity. Prayers to all of the hurricane victims Texas, Florida, Puerto Rico and all of the surrounding Caribbean islands that was affected by the hurricanes may the Lord give them strength. Thank you Lord. Amen

  • I was born in Puerto Rico and left in 2008 because I was tire of Puerto Ricans lazy parasite culture. I feel shame to be Puerto Rican. Look at them begging for help but they refuse to fight for the right to be recognize as the 51st state. They rather keep their second class American citizenship. They put up with the humiliation of not been able to vote for the next president of the United States. Yes, they are born Americans but the law says that none can become the next U.S. President unless they are born in the main land. So humiliating. Puerto Ricans are conformists. They are the types that love to drink the free milk but never buy the cow. Who's your daddy now?

  • I wish I were a millionaire so I could help directly to PR and every island, city in need. I hope the small amount I can give helps.

  • It cost $5000.00 for a freind of mine, family of 7, had to pay, per person for a flight to washington ,dc.
    Talk about sick..it is,auful, can be 6 months before any power or longer.
    Were is our country, they need help, and help right after it happened
    None, people without meds, people without homrs. Food, water..nothing, no phones..please please God help these people, no forumla, dispers..help God!!Amen

  • I am puertorrican and what I'm hearing of my friends and family living this moments in the island is that they are doing fine, it is not like Carmen Yulin wants the world to make seems like. Carmen Yulin does not represent Puertorrican people by going out there and cry thruout her speeches and say the president is committing genocide in an intent to get him impeach at all cost. Carmen Yulin is getting paid by the democrats and she is getting the people manipulated over lies.

  • Puerto Ricans: Go to hell with your self indulgence, song, dance, sex, crime, drugs, stupid (WHORES) "celebrities" and your aggressive/parasite begging. The Jones act of 1917 allowed you to become American citizens and YOU have taken the opportunity to "let others take care of your EVERY need".

  • What about the Caribbean: Ponce, Coto Laurel There are extreme Temperatures! Please turn Media- / Help-Focus from San Juan to the Perla de Sur and the rural Southern Area of Coto Laurel and Ponce

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