Puerto Rico: Potential for ‘humanitarian crisis’ after Hurricane Maria -BBC News

Six days after Hurricane Maria battered Puerto Rico the island is still struggling to recover and conditions are getting worse.
At least three million residents are still without power there. We spoke to Dave Holzhauer, the Disaster Response Team Leader from Samaritan’s Purse, who has been helping with the relief effort on the ground in Puerto Rico.

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  • This was predictable since the day the hurricane hit. The USA govt can drop tens of thousands of tons of bombs on the middle east ten thousand miles away but they cant load up a single aircraft carrier with food when the supermarkets throw away millions of tons of food every week and deliver it on American soil. A continuous supply of aid should have been sent a week ago.

  • Fuck San Juan it's not the only place in Puerto Rico other places need help but I guess since it all comes down to money and the other towns don't make the money fuck it right . This is all fucked up

  • To all the people saying that people shouldn't pray for the people in Puerto Rico and just help: Why do you assume that these people have the ability to help them physically? For all you know, then don't have the money or resources to help, so the least they can do is pray for them. And I'm sure there are plenty of atheists who hear this story and simply say "I hope everything turns out okay" without actually sending money or anything.

    I know there are gonna be some people who say I'm anti-atheist or something, and while I am personally a Catholic, isn't the whole point of these types of things to unify people? Even if you are religious or not, can help them physically or not, can we just at least feel sorry that these types of things happen without getting at each other's throats?

  • Potential for humanitarian crisis? It is a humanitarian crisis from day one! The only question is wheter or not the world will prevent a total catastrophy, which is very much in doubt right now. Most people simply don't seem to care about Puerto Rico. CNN barely covered this in the days following Maria,and they are only starting to cover this more now because they can trash Trump with it. The whole world has become cynical, self-obsessed and apathic towards other peoples suffering.

  • Loading planes and ships and headed to the US Commonwealth of Puerto Rico is one thing. Another is offloading those planes and ships, and getting that aid to the American citizens on that island in need of it.

  • Am I missing something? It seems to me that, if your "region" has a history of being hit with up-to category 5 hurricanes, (180-200 mph winds), then, why aren't you building the infrastructure to withstand 250-300mph winds? It doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure that out. Sure, it's a big outlay in the beginning, but, instead of replacing/repairing it, over and over, it should be there for hundreds of years.

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  • Where is the United Nations?
    Where is the Red Cross?
    Where are the military doctors, nurses, builders
    and everyone else who is supposed to play a part in INTERNATIONAL RESCUE?

    You see! This is the incompetence of world Leadership!

    Not for all their seats of power.
    Not for all the money or the military might in the world.
    Could the current leadership of the Power's that be,
    Organise a piss up in a brewery!

  • Samaritans Purse ~

    Start in one place, burn all the rubbish, get a sweeping brush, organize the people into groups to start clearing away all the crap.
    Organise the men on the Island to start turning over the fields and to start building shelters.
    Organise the women to take turns in cooks kitchen, washing clothes and looking after the kids ~
    Start building huts out of the rubble if you have to!

    Don't leave people to hang around grieving get them motivated!

  • U.S has a responsibility with P.R…before talking shit do your research,Many will be surprise to know the REAL truth as to why P.R is in debt.

  • The USA and Russia should consider shooting down the UN planes seeding the storms and setting fires. When will we join up and show that they are using storms earthquakes and fire to attack other countries? Talk about it and show and we all condemn it.

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