The Restoration of Louis Kahn’s World Famous Salk Institute Must Be seen to be believed

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Have you heard of the Institute of Louis Kahn? It’s a Salk Institute and it is restored in a new way. Garage Doors Houston is also a part of its restoration.

It’s a beautiful masterpiece building. It is designed by Louis Kahn in 1965 it is completed. It is the institute which is not only for learning but also made for the scientist to do laboratory work also. One of it part is made like the very calm place for a scientist to think about their work without any disturbance.

There is the ocean in front of it which makes its view more beautiful. But the bad side is the water damage the woodwork and building badly. But Louis Kahn is very famous for his work and he is known as a perfectionist in his work. So he designed the building as no fungus look on the wall of the institute.

Scientists and the people admire the building very much. It is a typical modest work of Khan. Scientists do much research work here. This Institute is well known for its laboratory work.


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