Richard Branson On Rex Tillerson, $1B Clean Energy Fund | MSNBC

President-elect Donald Trump’s latest cabinet picks have a history of questioning climate change. Founder of the Virgin Group, Sir Richard Branson, joins MSNBC’s Stephanie Ruhle to react to this as he joins Bill Gates in a clean energy venture.
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Richard Branson On Rex Tillerson, $1B Clean Energy Fund | MSNBC

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  • How has nobody has commented or noticed that Richard Branson is giving this live interview to MSNBC from his bed!? So cool. I wish I could get away with that!

  • Climate Change = Weather  Don't you people remember some years back when we had global cooling?…now the trend is global warming. Gates is looking for investing in innovative energy sources…so he is misquoting Mr. Gates.

  • I've listened to a Tillerson interview about Exxon's involvements with climate change and the MSNBC reporter thoroughly misrepresented Rex's point of view. She presented a made-up strawman.

  • working within the framework of rigid environmental regulation was the making of multiple successful businesses & the foundation of a multitude of beneficial innovations.

  • I am a Branson Denier. I actually met the guy at Roof Gardens in London, years ago.
    I deny that he is a man of stature. In fact, he is tiny.
    Also, people who have tried doing business with Branson discovered he is a snake

  • get real Rex is not palling up with Putin for smarties. It is to secure massive OIL deals. $50bn Oil deal and only 1bn in PR on clean energy. USA need clean energy utility companies. I hope Bill Gates and his friends put the Oil, Gas and Coal utilities out of business. It would 100{2926adbe9d5efe15cdd71803f3adbd0753091c5491a4687b622765a0a93bb12e} happen if the USA had not voted for a moron like Trump. Instead we are probably looking at the Permian Mass Extinction Take 2.

  • Richard is being a twit. Tillerson has been nominated as Secretary of State, not Secretary of the Environment. He will have his hands full every day working for world peace. Don't try to waste his time with your tree-hugging hippie crap.

  • Climate change is a novelty for those that don't have homes to heat. "Climate energy ventures" catchy name for money in the bank.

  • If they wanna make a difference why don't they start putting solar roof shingles on everyone's houses and sending them a complimentary windmill, tesla new battery package and a tesla car. Hey if I had the cash I'd be completely green I think most of us would. I mean seriously who wants to pay more utility bills and not buy themselves something with the extra cash???? All while saving the planet doing our part.

  • The Govt (tax payers)have lost to much money supporting alternative energy … if it is such a good deal let the billionaires put their money in it ….

  • Fossil Fuels and OIL are used by everyone, everywhere, for EVERYTHING! Fossil Fuels are the CURE and are not a curse at all!

  • Why does Richard Branson not put $$$ into Optimization and Innovation??? Come up with a CO2 absorber in cities, come up with a muffler that cuts emissions… that makes sense. Richard is ALL about the Money and sucking in the masses to give it to him and Bill…. noble? No!!!

  • How to get republican votes: shout, lie, deny facts, education, lie, intelligence, lie, throw in a little jesus, sprinkle a little racism, sexism, lie, be very stupid, lie, blame liberals for everything but climate change, deny climate change, lie.

  • Please create affordable small residential satellite size wind turbines, and solar panel film that can be placed over existing windows that do it yourselfer's can install. If these were affordable and available at local improvement home centers consumers would have the option to make a difference while creating free energy.

  • If Branson refuses to believe the amount of ignorance assembled in the Trump cabinet, does that make him a climate denier denier?

  • Tillerson knows that there's a serious problem with carbon disrupting the earth's climate.
    Money is the drug that causes Tillerson to destroy his own life as well as all of ours.

  • Clean energy will create jobs all over the world, except in America. This is what you get if you give a 'successful' business man the job as the President of the meanwhile Divided States of America. There is nothing what this legislation will make great again. They will leave behind a pile of garbage and they are very well on their way in order to create it.

  • I really cannot accept an airline owner and a 1{2926adbe9d5efe15cdd71803f3adbd0753091c5491a4687b622765a0a93bb12e}er should have a voice unless he says fly less, consume less, regardless of his donations to climate research. (Actually a small {2926adbe9d5efe15cdd71803f3adbd0753091c5491a4687b622765a0a93bb12e} of his shareholder profits.) And actually does so. One arm is technology innovation but reduction of demand by consumption is crucial. 66{2926adbe9d5efe15cdd71803f3adbd0753091c5491a4687b622765a0a93bb12e} of Heathrow traffic is leisure flights.
    On every flight to New York and back, each traveller emits about 1.2t of CO2, using Department for Transport figures. This compares to an average British personal total of around 9 tons. To get down to a fair share of the world’s total, this must be cut by around 90{2926adbe9d5efe15cdd71803f3adbd0753091c5491a4687b622765a0a93bb12e} by 2050, leaving about 1.2t. Air travel is really worse than this because it puts out more pollution than just CO2. For example water vapour at high levels forms thin clouds that have a warming effect. We can see trails visibly blanketing the earth. This and other effects mean that air travel has more than twice the warming effect of the carbon dioxide alone.
    Generally the richer you are the more you pollute. Has Richard Branson got a bad case of cognitive dissonance?

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