Robot Completes First Dental Implants Without a Dentist

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A robot dentist has operated surgery by fitting two new teeth on a woman’s mouth without any help of human dentists. During operation, the dentists were there but didn’t play any important role in dental implant surgery.

According to Science and Technology Daily, this procedure took one hour in Xi’an, Shaanxi on Saturday. The implants were set inside the boundary of an error of 0.2 – 0.3 mm.  This technology was designed to assist the dentists where there are the shortage of qualified dentists.

How does it work?

Before implant surgery, the staff set the position of equipment on the patient. The robot was then set by the staff to move into the specific location in order to continue the procedure, movements, depth, and angle that was important in operation. The staff then experimented those collected data and movements to create the important adjustments before providing the local anesthetic to the women and continue the operation.

Recently, robots have been used for other operations in order to help dentists Last March, the United States Food and Drug Administration accepted the newly developed robot system which is called Yomi. It is designed to help human surgeons during dental implant surgery.

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