Rohingya Crisis: UNHCR welcomes $334M humanitarian aid pledge for Rohingya

UN High Commissioner for Refugees Filippo Grandi on Wednesday welcomed the outcome of a joint UN pledging conference which secure $334 million in contributions for humanitarian operations in Bangladesh.

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  • Is it possible to go back for these Refugees to the land of Buddhist Beasts who have already ruined their entire family structure ? Who will look after the Orphans / Widows , helpless women , girls suffering at the hands of such atrocities ? Muslim countries must share this burden and they must be sent to other Muslim Countries. After such a Brutal Genocide only an insane would recommend their repatriation . Have little mercy on them at least now .

  • Who will bring back the lives of those who have been chopped up by Machetes by those Buddhist Beasts ? Who will give back the Parents lost by innocent children ? Who will bring back the honor of all the women Gang-raped and then slaughtered ? Who will rescue those Reported Innocent Girls abducted and made pregnant by the Beasts and reportedly forced to give birth to illegitimate children ?

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