Russia sends humanitarian aid to Lugansk after Red Cross approval

A convoy of aid from Russia is on its way to Lugansk, a week after local officials declared a humanitarian disaster in the east Ukraine city. RT’s Maria Finoshina is on the Russian-Ukrainian border. READ MORE


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  • God bless President Putin, Russia and the Russian nation. Novorossia and its people need this aid so much. The situation is so serious that even the Red Cross (a puppet of the West) agrees to this humanitarian aid). My respect for Ramzan, too. Chechnya sent humanitarian aid to Novorossia, too. The retarded criminal American administration and Kiev "voiced concerns' that this aid is a pretext for a Russian invasion. Obomba and your clique, how retarded are you?? Are you so desperate in covering your crimes? Your desperation and insanity make you talk absurdities. The same desperation and insanity made Ukraine adopt sanctions against Russia (they are even willing to block the gas transit and to freeze along with their EU puppets). The same insanity in the Norwegian Government which joined the EU sanctions. The same insanity for EU which wants to force Latin America not to supply food to Russia. You don't say, you criminal EU? Latin America promised supplies. Good business for them and they are loyal partners. You, in exchange you always wanted to make Latin America starve. Obomba, you and your EU/Canada/Australia/Kiev clique must be arrested, judged and executed. Slow torture. You want global war, poverty for us and to kill President Putin. You destroyed Ukraine, Obomba and your clique. You destroyed so many lives, not to mention the things you destroyed. You are mad, obomba! 

  • Look Obomba, your "masterpiece". Destruction and tragedy. You are only capable of destroying. President Putin builds, you destroy. He saves, you kill. He is an angel, you are a devil. He is kind, you are evil. He is a genius, you are so stupid (but very dangerous). President Putin loves the people, you hate the people. He is a hero, you Obomba you are just a pathetic loser. And that's why you hate him, obomba, you crazy creature. 

  • I agree with President Medvedev (I always call him President, he served 4 years as president, it is customarily to call him in this way) that the policy of sanctions and the pressure never worked with Russia, And this pressure will fail now, too. President Medvedev said Russia is strong. Yes, it is. I agree. it is very strong, blessed by God and run the greatest leader ever: President Putin. An exceptional leader for a very valuable loyal team and for a marvelous nation. A leader for the entire planet. A leader for peace. A leader for hope. President Putin keeps this planet in peace. He is blessed. He is powerful. For God's glory! 

  • Ignore Carpe Diem, hype, zemer and the other trolls against Russia. Or slap them over their retarded stupid dirty crazy mad insane despicable mouths and brains and "souls". They are despicable scums and insane creatures and insects. They support the criminal West and Kiev and their crimes. They are so mentally ill. Many times I don't even read their insanity anymore. And if you see the users Z Aquarius and sedjetra beware of them. They play double. They are very dangerous. They deceive. A lot. They want to gain the trust and then they post their anti – Russian insanity. I don't read them anymore. Sedjetra might be one and the same with Z Aquarius. These users are insane and despicable scums (my language is way tooooooo polite for them). They use manipulation in order to deceive. They are more dangerous than the overt anti – Russian trolls. I despise them. And a user warned me not to access a link on the page of Z Aquarius. It could contain malware.  

  • Dear honest people of all the nations, races, religions, dear honest people who love peace and justice (honest I say several times, not the trolls, the haters, the despicable mad various agents who cling to my comments showing their hate and very ugly insanity) support President Putin and Russia for peace in the world. For prosperity, for safety, for justice. For culture. For education. For a clear blue sky. For a good life for you and your loved ones. For serenity in your life. President Putin is the greatest leader ever and the Holy Russia is the most wonderful country. As long as President Putin rules there will be NO WWIII. The insane war criminal Obomba and his despicable insane EU and Kiev clique want WWIII and the reduction of the population. More resources for them, destruction and then huge contracts for reconstruction given to their cronies. President Putin opposes their evilness and insanity. They want to destroy Russia and President Putin. They want Russia's richness. They want to divide it among them. They want to enslave the Russians. And they want even to kill them. Ethnic purge (Hitler's wish, like what it is happening now in Ukraine against the Russian population). Obomba and his sick gang destroyed and massacred Ukraine. They don't care about Ukraine. Ukraine is a step in their evil plan for Russia's destruction and for starting WWIII. You are mad Obomba and clique. Russia is extremely powerful and blessed by God. And run by the best leader ever: President Putin. Those scums, obomba and his clique want to kill President Putin. The insane whore timosenko said she wants to kill President Putin and the Russians and to burn Russia with nuclear weapon and the crazy American administration defended her 'stance". The insane war criminal McCain threatened President Putin with death. The tragedy with the Malaysian plane (July 2014) is their failed attempt to kill President Putin. Did you notice the resemblance between the Malaysian plane and the plane of President Putin? Same size, same colors white, blue, red, white being predominant. They must be arrested, judged and executed. Slow torture. Let’s all protect and support President Putin and the Holy Russia. Our human hope is President Putin. Our divine hope is Lord Jesus, the Almighty God. President Putin is the most glorious leader ever. He is honor. 

  • on my news showed, that trucks will be held because they were not approved by the red cross, and ukrainians think it could be a trap :))

  • Park your trucks at the border and dismount and await UKRAINIAN drivers to deliver aid. Do not allow Russia any excuses to invade Ukraine. There's 40,000 armed combat troops along the border just waiting for an excuse to come into Ukraine…so don't give them one!!!!

  • Canada sent means to continue fighting for Kiev, US want train militia and send arms. Russia sends humanitarian aid. Tell me who is trying to deescalate and stabilize situation and bring peace? NATO or "bloodthirsty Russia"?

  • Russia could get assault rifles, tanks, machine guns, anti aircraft guns, even buk missiles to shoot down civilians airliners but it need humanitarian assistance to get food into the east of Ukraine. I don't believe this shit for one minute.

  • Russia could get assault rifles, tanks, machine guns, anti aircraft guns, even buk missiles to shoot down civilians airliners but it need humanitarian assistance to get food into the east of Ukraine. I don't believe this shit for one minute.

  • Did France UK US (FUKUS) think about asking for permission to IS and the Red Cross for their humanitarian aid in Kurdistan? No, but aid and bombs. Ukrainians and NATO are patented hypocritical mass murderers. Russia is just doing better.

  • Praying all  AID gets to the children and  women, elderly  and injured and the  few  men  still alive there.

  • Why should humanitarian aid to Ukraine need Red Cross approval? This so called international organizations think they are authority figures which they are not. It's just international cooperation purpose. They can neither approve more disapprove anything.

  • It's not a Trojan horse. There are no troops massed along the border. Hundreds of thousands of people are in need of food, water, medicine and other supplies so you can all go to hell all you clueless nazi loving pieces of sh*t trolls. Grow a conscience already. The work you do is evil.

  • Nothing will happen. Putin knows there he will be facing a lot of BS if he responds to Ukraine, and Ukraine knows they'll provoke Russia t o respond if they do attack. Plus, it may look completely bad because it will be publicly known that Ukraine is attacking humanitarian aid for the civilians they are shelling. No Putin would not invade by disguised as aid trucks. They can steam roll through Ukrainian's military if they really wanted too.
    What Russia should really do is offer secured sanctuary in Crimea to the 200k+ civilians and rebels. Burn everything in their retreat, so Ukraine gets there land back in waste. If they invade Crimea, which they won't if they are smart, Russia will have every excuse to invade them.

  • Russia's aid trucks are probably driven by special forces soldiers and include weapons and ammunition to further destroy Ukraine! Never trust asshole Putin!

  • Prediction:  after the "Russian" Red Cross convoy, Russia will attempt to annex Eastern Ukraine and hold a fake election where 100{2926adbe9d5efe15cdd71803f3adbd0753091c5491a4687b622765a0a93bb12e} of Ukrainians vote to join Russia.  The war will be over when Putin gets what he wants, and that's Eastern Ukraine.  Putin MUST be stopped!!!

  • Where was Putin's humanitarian aid when Kiev was burning in flames ? Oh, that's right, he was focused on Crimea. He doesn't care about Ukrainians. He cares about land. You Russophile RTards are fooling yourselves.

  • Hmm wonder why michael bloomberg hasn't gone there to tell the world Eastern Ukraine is still a fabulous vacation spot?  Guess he was too busy trying to ban big gulp drinks in israel.

  • Stop Russia from entering Eastern Ukraine!
    Stop Putin from illegally annexing Eastern Ukraine!!
    Stop all of the Russian terrorists NOW!!!

  • Western countries are bombing Irak, while Russia is really helping Ukraine. To the Maidan government is not important to save people only to blame Russia!. Thank you Putin you are a real leader, Western doesn't have any proof about their blames because there's no bad willing in this action of Russia.

  • Yeah so RT its okay for Russia to send Aid to Ukraine but when Canada does it its bad!!

    RT is actually the CNN version of Russia

  • Wait this came out a day ago yet CNN right now says that those trucks were NOT Red Cross approved. I suppose I'm the stupid one for believing multiple parties as being fair but seriously WTF is going on over there? Why did an RT reporter quit on live TV for not wanting to bend for crooked journalism? I just want to know without a smug look and a scoff at how poor and uneducated I am compared to our dear leaders decisions.

  • The 'anchors' that work for RT must be some pathetic desperate losers that really need a job.  Why else would they work for the world's biggest joke?

  • RusTard Network with another brilliant piece of ridiculous propaganda.  It would be scary but the world is laughing at you, not with you.

  • You tube comments make me sick, instead of trying to sway the viewers, mold your own view based on facts from various valid sources, then provide a useful and informative comment you fucking douche bags.

  • First Russia sends tanks,portable G2A missiles,grenades,AK-74s,etc into Eastern Ukraine.Then it sends in a humanitarian convoy.I say NO.

  • The people of Donbas are relieved that they will not be abandoned like the people in Gaza. Should anyone try to block the aid convoy, Russia should hit them hard!

  • I really want to see Putin send troops to Mexico, you know, to help them with the narco-terrorists. Put some Russian troops on America's border to stop the supply of guns coming over from the "fast and furious". 

  • Purest Genocide and Ethnocide against eastern Ukrainian, Russian, Rusine people… Besides did you know that eastern Ukrainians speak totally different language than western Ukrainians? No, they aren't Russians, and Russians aren't Rusines who also live there… So it is an ethnic cleansing. Self elected Jewish government of Kiev was placed on a position of ex pro Russian tycoon Yanukovich, western Ukrainians wanted to get rid of ex Soviet (Jewish) symbols of Trotsky, Lenin; those "people" starved more than 20 million of Ukrainians and Russians after 1917. And who came to power in Ukraine? Jews, who command over all "Ukrainian" (small Russian; Malorussian) forces and are demanding a genocide, just like Israel is doing in Gaza.

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