Scientists link Hurricane Harvey to climate change

As Texas continues to recover from Hurricane Harvey, many are linking the severity of the storm with man-made climate change.

Most scientists say global warming is increasing the intensity of storms.

While in Houston, there are concerns that rapid urban development came at the cost of flood defences.

Al Jazeera’s Andy Gallacher reports from Houston, Texas.

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  • Fundamentalist Christians don't believe in anthropogenic climate change and the Republican party relies on their votes to win elections. Nothing will be done to mitigate climate change in the U.S. while the GOP is in control of the federal government.

  • f{2926adbe9d5efe15cdd71803f3adbd0753091c5491a4687b622765a0a93bb12e}ck climate change!…COOKIE! argh nom nom nom!

  • To what degree are people responsible for climate change Al Jazeera ?? Pleeease, you know everything, tell us. Are you saying Human Activity is Primarily responsible for this hurricane?? Is that what your implying ?

  • no shyt,…. it's going to get worse, its not what they telling you, it's what they not telling you, GO ASK FOR THE GLOBAL METHANE RATE NOW. … with fracking, higher oil production, and soon arctic drilling, we releasing more METHANE gas on top of the natural earth release of the atmospheric warming gas.

    even in this video , they three card Monte'n you.

  • THANKS chem trails sprays, gmo, agent orange, cloud dusting/seedings etc too, pesticides bombs etc, + fracking, drilling, geo storms etc and many more and also dumping forced NANO mini tech bots, micro chippings etc and hackable heart kill chips etc too.

  • and so many MOABS etc in the AIRS etc too AND HAARP/TESLA etc too and fake artificial lightings etc too. VIA CGI/HOLOGRAPHIC AND Photo shops etc too.

  • This is HAARP weather manipulation technology to flood Texas( A MASSIVE GUN OWNER COUNTRY) with FEMA and military personnel to:
    1.Confiscate firearms
    2.Implement military forces on sovereign U.S soil
    3.Reduce population
    4.Increase gas prices (to keep their economy from collapsing)
    Don't be fooled by the name no one dares to utter…

  • Come on. All natural disasters are "climate change". Stop with the clickbaity doomsday bs. I'm glad you didn't title it "man made global warming" at least.

  • I blame FEMA, Businesses, Insurance Companies, Scientists, Architects, and Engineers because they need to put their mind and money together to come up with a better way to solve these hurricanes, Earthquakes, and water droughts. Next FEMA and Businesses need to build Pernmanent Location Centers around the country. These Pernmanent Location Centers need to be able to stand on their own water system, Hospital, grocery store, and electrical power station. Sad to say these hurricanes, Earthquakes are hear to stay. Wake up America, Wake up American

  • FEMA, and Businesses need to build Pernmanent Location Centers around the country for Hurricanes, Earthquakes people.

  • This is bullshit!!! Not true!!! There's no such thing of climate change. Our government's are doing the climate change. And no global warming either.

  • You may deny climate change but you can't deny overdeveloped cities. A big problem here is the water has more limited areas to drain. The rain is long gone and areas are still flooding. The problem it's made with only money in mind, but nature doesn't care about how much you have in your bank account. If you believe in climate change you can see why we're screwed. If you don't believe in climate change you should see why we're screwed.

  • I knew it wouldn't take to long before they blame climate change for harvey. Haven't had a major storm since Katrina – that's over a decade ago. The whole city of Houston is f ing flood plain. Come on people

  • Deeeeeffffinitelt definitely I agree with these scientists. When I first heard about the hurricane, climate change was the first thing that came to mind. I feel like it should be talked about more. I do my best to spread the word and be open about it as much as possible, but I'm just one person. It's sad knowing that people think these kinds of things are "supposed" to happen or that these are ok. And it's not. The globe is getting warmer and warmer which clearly isn't a good thing, and in my own words and to put it as simple as possible, the earth is acting up because it's not being treated the way it should. Now days we have resources right at our finger tips that can help us learn about all of this. We can educate ourselves and not just wait for somebody else to speak up about it. It's real and climate change without a doubt exists, and there really isn't anything else in this world that should matter more than that. I truly don't believe that most people think that all this warming can't literally end us all.

  • Aljazerra want to be extremely careful that it does not end up like CNN news and I advise them not to censor this comment. It is 100{2926adbe9d5efe15cdd71803f3adbd0753091c5491a4687b622765a0a93bb12e}, natural climate change, which is being mislead and is the biggest lie told to the World by the elite as they see signs of money/cash and those media outlets in the pockets of the elite. The people who are also lying are the paid experts. It is always the paid experts not the millions of other experts that get heard in the media. Paying experts and media to sell the lies to us the World is gross misconduct , fraud and more. The elite have lost their power because the public are now awake, we are all awake now, we seen through the fake news.  We will take our rights back and the corrupt will be punished, I am sure of it.  We are being lied to for financial gain and for other hidden interests and agendas. I agree that maybe the world is warming but is doing so naturally, it goes colder, it goes warmer.  It is also believed by millions of us and I believe that events are created to make us all frightened, the weather patterns is are being controlled. I do not buy the lies of climate change. Look up at the sky every now and then, you will see what the planes are doing, they are deliberately controlling our weather for financial gain!

  • Same scientists who take grant money to study climate change. Wake up people. Follow the billions of dollars in grant (meaning free) money for science labs to study and 'prove' climate change.

  • There is not going to be any GloBULL Warming. Only idiots FALL for junk science like GloBULL warming. Those GloBULL warming people are criminals. We have had much larger Hurricanes in the past. Only the small minded FALL for GloBULL warming.

  • Did they have global warming in the 1800s? When they had many hurricanes and the weather was abnormally warm? Gtfoh.

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