Shocking testimony from NGO reveals Muslim UN aid workers keep Yazidis “trapped and doomed to die”

Sheila Gunn Reid reports on testimony from Christian NGO “Samaritan’s Purse” to the House of Commons Immigration committee which confirms that Yazidis are being systematically discriminated against by Muslim UN aid workers who deliberately act to keep them off refugee lists. Watch Sheila’s video for the full story. MORE

Trudeau’s Liberals MUST halt plans to bring in 25,000 Syrian refugees until they can guarantee the safety of the Canadian people.

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  • Disgraceful. This underscores the fact that the "Muslim refugee" push has zero to do with REAL humanitarian needs, and everything to do with calculated conspiracy to destabilize western culture.

  • The god of Islam is the devil, the devil doesn't care about mankind, because he is a fallen angel.
    The people of Islam love only their own.

  • Oh, no! Muslims discriminating against Christians and other religious/ethnic minorities?
    What a shocker!
    Doesn't everybody 'know' that Islam is a religion of peace, love, and all that other bullshit they feed all of us 'kuffar'?

  • The same in Germany. Years back to Egyptian Coptic Christians. Highly educated where stopped entry and access by muslims working in Germany immigration office.

  • I suggest we be far more concerned about the white genocide that is currently underway in all white countries due to the uncontrolled migration of niggers, packies and gooks into white countries and only white countries. As always, whites place others needs ahead of our own and now that whites need help to stop our own genocide no one is stepping up and no one will ever step up to help whites.

  • we need to demand of our politicians and government that non muslim refugees be given priority to enter Canada and other western countries. politicians cannot ignore the people if we are strongly united.

  • What? Little muslim snowflake princesses who are discriminated against by the world are IN FACT discriminating against non-muslims? I'm SOOOOOOOO surprised! Muslims don't discriminate! They are discriminated against! That IS the narrative, right?

    This is despicable. Christians and Yazidis should be at the top of the list for resettlement because they are the most vulnerable in these wars–send other muslims to the back of the queue–preferably so far back they can never find their way back to the front. Those UN workers should be fired and replaced.

    Sorry, Muslims, as it turns out, are the vilest scum ever to exist.

  • says it all … google '[ret.] major stephen coughlin youtube.. time for folks to catch up on this stuff… pronto… jihadists cometh..

  • Muslims looking out for their own and not non Muslims? Sad but it happens….how sick is that though? God help the Yazidis and Christians!!

  • This should have a lot more views!!!! Please re-share this and add any updates at all that you can provide in the past year! thanks.

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