Six Red Cross aid workers killed in Afghanistan

The international aid agency Red Cross is stopping all its aid work in Afghanistan after six of its staff members were killed in an attack in northern Jowzjan province.

Jowzjan’s governor blamed ISIL for the deadly assault on a convoy carrying supplies to the country’s snow-storm hit areas.

Al Jazeera’s Rob Matheson reports.

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  • I'm telling you, real "scientists" should invent robots to replace medical workers in war zones (then the real human medics can work in needy non-conflict areas). And what about remotely-controlled aid worker robots? FFS.

    If you read Lawrence Lessig, he wrote about "code is law" (maybe create an infrastructure of robot-run aid work system to replace Genève conventions that nobody respects).

    But "scientists" have gotten to arrogant/bigoted these days (especially the celebrity scientists) and they'd rather use their time to tweet bigotry/undermine basic human rights (freedom of religion) and somehow this is all tolerated in countries that claim they have "rule of lol". 🙎🏻

  • Does it ever occur to you guys why an Afghan would kill someone who is helping them? Does it ever occur that it might be someone else?

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