Somalia humanitarian aid ‘not reaching’ needy

Nearly 260,000 people are believed to have died during the famine that hit Somalia from 2011 to 2012.

Hundreds of millions of dollars were raised for humanitarian aid, but there is doubt whether all the funds have been put to proper use.

Al Jazeera’s Mohammed Adow reports from the capital, Mogadishu.

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  • Meanwhile, abu dhabi is investing billions in Russian infrastructure but give you black somali muslims guns and ammunition to kill your brothers and sisters over religion.


  • The funny thing is that they are part of the stupid arab league but arabs hate and despise blacks (Somalis/Eritreans) so much that they use them as slaves in saudi arabia and most part of the middle east.

  • Qatar, UAE, Saudi arabia, Oman all have schools, hospitals, malls, restaurants, hotels, offices but tell you African zombie followers that it is against islam.

  • let's put it this way… nobody and I do mean nobody has been good to africans…. Aid becomes kickbacks or come with strings attached like favoured mining rights etc…. While well-intentioned aid goes directly to corrupt dictators anyway. The only hope for africa is Foreign Direct Investment and I mean proper FDI.

  • True…Africans need to stop following and taking orders from imams in mecca who's aim is to destroy Africa like the colonial powers have done in the past.

  • The syrian muslim refugees are well taken care of by the arab league than these black somali muslim refugees. Some Syrain refugee camps have mini football pitches, cyber cafe, schools, hospitals, water, food, medicine, doctors, teachers, security.

  • No need for insults. And yes, precisely Muslims are ONE body, so we SHOULD, if we truly are Muslims (as the Prophet-SAW said) help those who are in need. 22 years in poverty is a lot. May ALLAH grant them all jannatul firdaus AMEEN!

  • Blaming isn't gonna get us anywhere. In fact, EVERY SINGLE African country has been once colonised by Europeans, except Ethiopia. Palestine was colonized, also Syria, Egypt, Lebanon, Sudan by Egyptians, heck even Canada and Australia were (and kinda still are) colonized.

  • Everyone's racist at some point. The only ONE that doesn't discriminate is the ONE that created us, ALLAH. We, Somalis owe a duty to our people. Sadly, most of us get brainwashed in the state we sought refuge in. We need to establish reliable charities. People who will go to Somalia's camps and help them 1 on 1.

  • Religion is what's going to bring us back. Not what's going to break us. Wallahi, if we just stay close to ALLAH, i promise you ALLAH does wonders! HE created us did HE not? Then HE can sustain for us. Everything's a lesson. It often means, "return back to your religious state and repent",that's what happened during Moses (AS)'s time. A drought, hunger and death caused by poverty.

  • True but they did the same in Iraq. Why do you think the bloodshed still goes on? There once was a country called Kurdistan. But Europeans divided that country amongst Iraq, Syria and Turkey.
    Another example would be Mali. Northern Mali was once Azawad, until France conquered it and give it away to Mali. The war in Mali today is about bringing Azawad back, yet you hear media talking Islamic fundamentalists, BS. Also look at Palestine. One of the most tragic stories yet.

  • Imams from Makkah haven't done ANYTHING to Somalia, never mind Africa. Who caused all this global catastrophe? Why yes. It is Europe, US and their allies. So insult them for a change if you so wish to pock at someone.

  • So sure, Europeans have destroyed everything and ruined our homes but that doesn't mean we should look back forever. Let us look forward and tell our children how WE Somali people, the descendants of those before have recreated our home, better, safer and blessed. That's what we should do. But, most of us are thinking about power, money and landownership. I completely agree, but holding grudges isn't going to save the starving, dear brother.

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