Step 3: Choosing Your “Beginning Board” – Starting a Nonprofit Organization in 5 Easy Steps

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In this video at, Christian LeFer covers Step 3 of “Starting a Nonprofit Organization in 5 Easy Steps”: Choosing Your ‘Beginning Board’. Please “Like” this video and leave a comment!

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  • Excellent Video….You got me taking notes and everything.  A whole lot easier than buying a book from Barnes and Nobles and reading for days…!  I love technology

  • Great Video, I was looking on your website for the forms that you talked about but I am not seeing a resource section. Can you direct me to the right location?

  • Me in 2 of my friends are trying to start a nonprofit organization can I use them to help me start the organization

  • What order should I begin…I have a building in mind for my organization. Should I see what the cost to lease this building is? Then fundraiser/kickstarter to get funding for the building space…and then go through your 5 steps?

  • This video is by far the most useful of all the videos that I've come across that outlines what to do when starting a nonprofit business.

  • Conflict of interest Question, Example I am going to use : 44 y/o male had a massive Stroke, due to insurance reasons. He was taken from Rehab and either was going Home if 24/7 care was promised. Or If no one could either afford to pay for 24/7 care or whatsoever. He was going to A Nursing home. Would it be of interest to have someone who is a licensed medical personnel. Or Someone who came from the employment insurance company/ Nursing home (they would have no path crossing to do with this case? My overall achievement? Is it better to focus on my Buddy or add something that includes part of your contribution will provide services to help the community? School, others with the the same diagnosis? I plan to continue to grow this Organization even if Buddy makes a Promising Recovery. Which he was told by the same people who kicked him out. What they did was, built up his confidence and then gave someone who has a good prognosis "Basically his Possible last address at 44. That would be the nursing home. So sad that everyone involved has a very high probability of completing a circuit.
    Because of his insurance company, who he relied on as he worked for that particular company. Decided to Drop him, when theres otheres who choose their poison (Alcohol/Opiates) Treat the same services my Buddy had like it was a vacation (if the woke up)
    Where my Buddy could be sent to a nursing home to Die. Which I may have been to Blunt.

  • I have a question regarding the board of directors and the officers.  It confuses me a little bit and maybe I am over thinking this. In my state I am required to have at least 3 board of directors and my question is if the directors can also serve as officers?  Also what can I state in the Conflict of interest policy if I am starting the board of directors with mostly family. Can you give me an example of what can be stated in the conflict of interest policy, how can it be disclosed.

  • Do we NEED board members? I simply want to start up a computer donation non profit for people of less fortunate finance. I dont see the need to  appoint a bunch of people to help me with that. 

  • Thank You for the video. I'm starting a non-for-profit organization. This video is very helpful. I'm still on step 1 finding a name. C.F.O.( Caring for Others) don't know if it's taken already. Lol

  • Great simplified information.
    one question: Can the founder or ED serve also as the Board chair or Presidnt?
    Thank you

  • Thank you very usefull i subscribed. I am just getting the info together to start filling out docs for 501c3

  • This was a great comprehensive and to-the-point video. I look forward to reviewing more of them and gaining valuable information.

  • Thank you for the good information. I am in the process of opening a program for at risk preteens with behavior problems

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