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Concerned citizens of at least 27 targeted nations are demanding to know from their leaders what is being sprayed on them routinely by unmarked jets. So far, the governments of 10 of these nations have replied us with a common response that these “persistent jet contrails” are nothing to worry about, and pose no health risks. Some of these letters then rudely refer us to a US-based EPA webpage without answering any of our question (which makes me wonder why our own minister of the environment is not informed). Well, too bad for them. We are coming back to them full force with a fact-filled written and radio response they won’t give a deaf ear to. They won’t even have to know which radio stations our response will be aired on. I have full faith we will then know why CHEMTRAILS BECOME CLOUDS and so will our kids. Please subscribe to this video if you wish to know the outcome.

Peace, Prosperity, Truth
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Mass, not alone
Action, not complaints
Demand, not requests

GROUP GOALS: 1. To get an official response from our governments regarding chemtrails & geoengineering. 2. To increase public awareness via our newsletter 3. To collect/share evidence worldwide.

Join us and find out why chemtrails become clouds.

If you are in pursuit of the truth about chemtrails and wish to have an official response from your own government about their existence and their reason for being there, then join this group. We have full faith we will get a response from all our governments.

The UN has announced that it is considering banning chemtrail spraying in193 nations (you may Google this information directly if you wish). That is the best news for humanity I have heard in my lifetime. Many of us played a critical role in making this happen. The UN did not make this decision from the goodness of its heart, the pressure we exerted on our leaders and the media made this happen. I would like to remind the new group members about the role some of us here have played. Last June, several thousand of us sent an email to our leaders asking them for explanations for Chemtrails. ( see ). The government of most countries (except the Irish government) never replied to us. But in Canada, at least, chemtrail spraying was stopped for one month (June 24 to July 24), then resumed more noticeably afterwards. I want to thank all those of us who had the courage to participate in this historic email campaign, who emailed letters to their leaders to ask for an official explanation for Chemtrails over our sovereign lands and waterways. Thanks to You, We are winning. But our efforts must continue. Please invite your friends to join our group. We Will Win!

A special thanks go to Michelle Kenny, EriHariono, Karen Lehrke, Martine D’Amours, Denis Rancourt

Peace, Prosperity, Truth
Skies Of Blue

Join us Please:

Sylvain’s Radio Interview on Chemtrails By Denis Rancourt on CHUO

Questions we have about chemtrails:

Do they contain barium and aluminum salts? Do they contain polymer fibres? Are they sulfate aerosols? Are they the cause of Morgellons disease?
Are they being used for the HAARP program? Have toxicity studies been conducted on them? In 2001, United States Congressman Dennis Kucinich introduced legislation that would have permanently prohibited chemtrails as one of a number of exotic weapons. Why did he do this?

Group Needs:

~ To get an invitation to speak on Conan about chemtrails
~ To get a spokesperson like Mariel Hemmingway
~ To investigate relationships between chemtrails and cancer, respiratory diseases, sexual reproduction
-To get original Lyrics for new Chemtrail song
-To promote Chemtrail and Geoengineering Games to increase public awareness

You are wondering if chemtrails are real? Watch this:

2nd Email Campaign Letter: (all are welcome to view and edit)

Chemtrails are of particular interest to the citizens of the following cities:

Santiago, Chile – Los Angeles, United States – Warsaw, Poland – Toronto, Canada – Madrid, Spain – Amsterdam, Netherlands – Frankfurt Am Main, Germany – New York, United States – Paris, France – London, United Kingdom – Ottawa, Canada

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  • @tab6812 not only "luck" but determination, presistance, (com)passion, "furian activist", going beyond self-imposed limitations, walk the talk, lead by example, inspire, motivate, allow yourself to surprise yourself in a positive way, stimulate, radiate, love what you stand for and never ever give up, outsmart defeatism attitude, show false pessimists they are part of the problem not the solution revolution. We all have an unbound mind & unlimited potential used for the next Human rEvolution. 🙂

  • Lawsuits and Long Jail sentences are the only solution now, and I mean NOW We need some goddam Lawyer's on our side to take these CRIMINALS to International Court for Crimes Against Humanity, they effin chemmed our blues skies yesterday like i've never seen, it was so effin thick you could smell it, and not many people notice!? what a JOKE

  • yes well good idea it all seems a bit hopeless to me, the point that needs be made here to these scardy cat polotitions is that they too must breath the air and eat the food and drink the water contaminated with the chemtrails, so….too me it would make sense 4 government human leaders to put a stop 2 it, unfortuntly i beleive they get scared to go againt the under cover forces of evil that push and produce this crap they rather hope we wrong or they immune, than risk thier life 4 humanitys

  • All Governments claim they are broke yet still find the cash to spray our skies with Toxics. These companies who do this need to be taken to court. For the simple reason they never asked the people of the world if they minded being sprayed like bugs. A small crowd of idiots cannot decide for 6.8 billion people.

  • With the global conciosness awakening, it should be easy to spread the word about harmful practices like chemtrails and H.A.A.R.P. Gone are the days of pointing fingers and calling people conspiracy nuts; you'd have to be nuts not to see where this world is heading. It is time for the people to rise up, and stand against evil practices. I for one am doing everything I can to expose the traitorus global elite for what they truly are… Scum.

  • With the global conciousness awakening, it should be easy to spread the word about harmful practices like chemtrails and H.A.A.R.P. Gone are the days of pointing fingers and calling people conspiracy nuts; you'd have to be nuts not to see where this world is heading. It is time for the people to rise up, and stand against evil practices. I for one am doing everything I can to expose the traitorus global elite for what they truly are… Scum.

  • I suggest you watch the video series (7 parts…) "What in the world are they spraying"…tests show proof that extremely high levels of aluminum, barium, strontium, and others have been recorded in areas with devastating affects on trees, plant life, soil PH levels…not to mention the harm to humans linked to cancer, etc. Soft kill by the world's elite…they want to drastically reduce the population. See for yourself in the series…"What in the world are they spraying?" Here on youtube…

  • IN other words…as far as the "elite" are concerned…it's "pesticide" and we the people…are the "pests"!!!

  • Q1 someone must know where the planes are taking off from .
    Q2 are they big enough to disclose that information .
    Q3 who then would rise to do anything about it.
    Q4 would it be done peacefully or by force .

  • There was no halt to chemtrail spraying in Canada from June 24th to July 24th. Saw a super high, nasty death streamer heading north from the US on Canada day (July 1st at about noon or so) ruining an otherwise perfect, cloudless, blue sky day. It was immense. By late afternoon the sky was a pale blue. Mass awareness is just around the corner. Just ask people "Are you still watching tv?"

  • So, we know what they are spraying,or have a pretty good idea,why cant we just get a plane, outfit it with spray equipment,and go spray,say over the politicians houses their kids houses their family's houses and tell them we are spraying.Lets see what kind of a reaction we get then

  • Yes!! this is exactly what we need to coalesce all of our power!!. Hopefully enough will do their part. I have been contacting politicians, institutions,news stations, etc. and have only received form letters as a response.

  • Very good, i was also trying to knoe how to be more effective.
    I tried Wikipedia but they did delete 3 or more times my article on the Bilderberg list of attendees of 2011. Even when i cited in the article the official Bilderberg Club site list of members.

  • ~Hit the "share" button click on facebook, twitter etc. MUCH BETTER: hit the "Email this video" button, fill in the box under the text: "To (email addresses or usernames):" [Friends] yes type exactly: [Friends] not "Friends" but "[Friends]" with the rectangle brackets, then hit "Send Email" if you can NOT read the CAPTCHA hit the "Can't read?" & try again. When successful WAIT 7 or 10 seconds then is will say "Email sent successfully!". This is NOT "spamming" but for friends only!


  • What we really need is coperation click in like in at least 50{2926adbe9d5efe15cdd71803f3adbd0753091c5491a4687b622765a0a93bb12e} of the videos you really liked about the NWO, and avoid to like videos that entertain. If the most of as do so then a lot of subbscribers which are not searching information will stumble on it.

  • I can reprt that the Basche Country is being sprayed very much while the rome italy is being for the most part spared, with just 1 – 10 trails a day.

  • I have written all my representatives and they just act naïve. Please go to google and type in "advanced search."  Where it says "all these words" type In "chemtrail" (singular).  Where it says "site or domain" type in  Go to page 15. No more denials.

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