Syria: Russian humanitarian aid distributed at Jibreen refugee camp

Russian doctors and military cooks opened multiple mobile hospitals units in a refugee camp in the village of Jibreen, Thursday. The troops are at the camp in order to help and feed residents.

Among the refugees, there are dozens of children. The Russian doctors on the ground reported that the camp was full of people with multiple gunshot and bullet wounds. In addition to the food, the Russian military also brought gifts, fruit, and sweets.

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  • In Ireland of the land of "Scholars and Saints" we only hear NATO/ISIS news and barrel bombs. Victory to the Syrian people, Hezbollah and the great Russian people, you heve went in to a very difficult situation in Syria

  • why America, Britain, France and other Western countries not send humanitarian aid? And only talk about human rights, and watching human suffering

  • They were the host country for the refugees of Iraq and Afghanistan. I weep for them. How can that happen to these generous People. long live Syria. Long live Russia. Curse be upon western hypocrisy.

  • Жалко бедных людей, очень их жаль. В очередях люди стоят, на жаре… Ради того, чтобы было что покушать… Слезы на глазах… Но честно, лучше так – нормальные люди в очередях, чем люди в виде расталкивающей друг друга огалтелой толпы, где кто сильнее тот получил еду.

  • The US and Europe can only shout slogans calling to democracy and justice. But great talkers are great liars. Their democracy is with weapon in hands coated with blood here. Look up to these people. What did they wrong? Say less and do more – that’s the principle which Russia follows. Thank you for incontestable aid!

  • It looks like the Russians want to drown the Syrians with ice tea and choke them out with the Ice Cream. CRIME!!!!!

  • just look at them the Russian soldier are smiling the Syrian love and welcome them unlike the us that treat there people like shit in there own country Russia will be remember for this she will be remember for the good she did history will be kind to her unlike the us

  • The USA brings Death wherever they go. Russia brings Food and hope. i WONDER WHO IS DOING GOD's Will.??!!!

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