The Church Wins a Major Victory against LGBT Activism in MA

Dr. Brown speaks with ADF attorney Erik Stanley about a major legal case in Massachusetts.

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  • Satan the devil Lucifer World Council of churches taking away all of our freedoms of speech on the media very serious to control the world

  • Well will all knew this was going to happen. Of course LGBT activism was going to come into churches, anyone (on either side) who thought churches wouldn't get affected were naive, stupid or lying to themselves. This is simply an attempt by the state to control the church.

  • I guarantee you, the government will force pastors to perform gay wedding ceremonies. They'll claim that pastors act as government officials because they officiate marriages on behalf of the government. We'll then lose our tax-exempt status (and to those who think this is a good thing, no more charity work from Christian churches/organizations).

  • Yeah one of these laws is going to get passed in a state until they get continuously sued by every prisoner claiming to identify as a female with a penis and demand they be housed with the women, Segregation from both populations isn't "fair" to their gender identity. >.< smh Can't wait to see them back pedal " Oh no that's fine in Churches, but not in our prison system"…pfft

  • It's very clear, what they (Governments) want is lawlessness and societal collapse, so that Satan's globalism can be instituted – so that he can take control prior to his destruction, by the Lord God of course.

  • The churches have conceded a lot of moral issues that they should NOT have allowed the government to intrude on, they have given to Caesar what was Gods. Glad they stopped the state from intruding further into Gods business.

  • Now that the democrat party has been defeated,thank God,the righteous are coming back.Democrats used their power and influence to forcely stablish an antichrist system,but for the grace of God they were removed.Now things can get better in Jesus name.

  • The church tries it's best to keep non-straight people out (and prevents them from serving God), and then they persecute non-straight people as perverts and predators,  because they do not attend church.       God must be so proud.

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