‘The humanitarian tragedy should not be forgotten’ | DW News

The UN envoy to Syria, Staffan de Mistura, says he is very concerned about the current situation in eastern Aleppo. Talking to DW’s Melinda Crane, de Mistura insisted only political discussion could solve the Syrian conflict in the long term.

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  • All the regimes in the Middle East are dictators, felons and tyrants; those who force their spiteful and reprehensible way of life on others and only offer death or exile to their opponents and never hesitate to even disturb their dead bodies. There is no democracy at all; they have no place in the hearts and minds of 21 century's people and we all agree they all have to go with or without the help of the western societies; all the rulers are deeply corrupt and in some cases, they even believe their authorities have come from heaven while they themselves are nothing but thieves who steal their county's resources and are only thirsty of power and have done nothing to help the people live in peace and coexistence with each-other without which you will never be able to make any progress on any ground.

  • Kurdistan …
    A version of past events where many nations have decided to agree on, has created some artificial borders to split apart our lands to the benefits of other nations in the region to grab our land, our culture, our history and enforce their way of life on us and terrorize our past history and origin to cut our roots. While there is no nation which is greater than any other, and geography could make us neighbors, history could make us friends, economics could make us partners and necessity could make us allies; but because of the feudalism, tribalism and totalitarianism what has been delivered to our generation are failures, frustrations and white genocides, that even made people of our own nation alien to each other.

    Have you ever wondered why!? Are the international laws the enemy of Kurdish people!? History will remember your judgment.

  • He never mentioned the massive 6-years long support of outside countries to all terrorist groups in Syria. SHAME on him. he should resign immediately

  • Who on earth can trust any of these puppets of the White House, NATO countries, so friendly with Saudi beheaders bombing Yemen, and so concerned of syrian civilians (just in east Aleppo, not western Aleppo people attacked by "moderate mercenaries" with chemical weapons during the last week)…BBC, France 24, DW, CNN and all western main stream media are war propaganda tools, and require not other voice to be attended, thats why Europe wants to ban RT.

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