The Power of Activism Through Art with Artist Pazero

Jakari Jackson Interviews Artist Pazero on The Power of Activism Through Art.

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  • this is he worst alex jones video i ever saw (i am a big fan of AJ by the way…). YOU KNOW YOU KNOW YOU KNOW…

  • Revolution News comment has the most thumbs up votes and is not even on the first page of top comments. Why do they fill up the top comments page with lesser voted comments? Are they also using the thumbs down to select comments and not even showing it's count?

  • One of the most crucial members of the fighting game community was stopped by homeland security a couple of years ago on his way to a tournament that he was scheduled to stream over the internet.  TSA took his computer, cameras, mic everything.  Google the story it is an interesting one.  Search "Sp00ky gets stopped by the TSA."

  • the problem now is the market the art market is rule by AIPAC, THE FED and wall street, the $ as reserve currency is the chip use to outdo anyone else that does not follow the wall street bankers lawyers, AIPAC israel special relationship, congress and senate, in short america does not have a government it has guys that run a nation for their own benefit, politics democracy do not exist at all!  the only way out is to splash the reality of wall street, AIPAC, jewish lobby congress, senate, democracy and bankers , art market is by freaking out their reality. Here is where Putin is an allied, not an enemy, america needs a new revolution a new constitution and new folks on charge of the nation. to spells the reality is reason logic the key more precelly logic to wall street goes off the same that takes place to a mentally deficient patient he can no longer communicate to his machine the body so he goes off, well is the same only is not the machine that is off, but the mental, reason process, logic becomes illogical all they do turns out upside-down if you like, only ART is able to accomplish this realm.

  • I'm an artist and planning to really start using it as a form of activism. I enjoyed listening to this guys take on it. I've found that while I can put my feelings into typed words better than speech, I can express them even better through art. A lot of the issues facing us today seem so dire and oppressive I often feel panicked to begin work as soon as possible, to reach more people ahead of time. It's a great motivator.

  • Love the art but can't decide if it's a rip off of just Street Fighter, or another local Austin Texas business; Rooster Teeth – and their weekly video "Versus".

    Is Alex a fan?

  • I love the show but this was one of the worst interviews ever.  One minute in and my mind focused solely on how many times I heard the words 'you know'.  I counted 56 times, but I'm sure the total count must be 60 or higher.

  • Seems like the guy is getting censored.  I check out his profile a few times and every time I went his uploads disappear 1 after the other.

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