The Role of Social Media Activism in Turkey and Brazil #WITNESSLive

| The Revolution Will Be Tweeted: The Role of Social Media in Activism – #WITNESSLIVE Hangout with activists and journalists from Brazil and Turkey.

The video discusses the usage of social media in the modern day political/social protests.

The hangout took place at 10:30 EST, 11:30 Brazil Time, and 5:30 Turkish Time.

Participants include:

Silvo Maia (@ChangeBrazil1)(@thismrmaia)
Emre Kizilkaya (@ekizilkaya)- tech problems with G+ and had to drop out
Emrah Guler (@popdater)
Rafael Puetter (@rafucko)
Ana Maria Tannus (@Anna_e_maria)
Moderated by: Camille (@_ckritz)


Emre’s Huffington Post article, Turkey’s Viral Revolution:

Silvio’s ChangeBrazil channel and viral videos:

Silvio’s Para Os Manifestantes:

Footage of a police officer damaging his own car, blaming it on protesters:

Article about hashtag war with mayor of Ankara:

Rafael’s parody of the mainstream media coverage on the protests:
(there’s english subtitles to it, you just have to click to activate it)

Police taking cameras from protesters in Espírito Santo (a Brazilian state):

Emrah’s article “It’s Not Easy Being a Woman in a Protest”

Video of Brazilian police officers beating a female protester:

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