The Splathouse | Stealing Activism | (Rashida Strober vs Chrissie) | S:2 Episode 2 | So Jack jumps straight into the important stuff with this weeks episode, appearing to pick up where he left off last week in a 4-Loko induced Coma. For some reason the most ratchet things tend to happen on Sunday, The Day of Our Lord, and This Episode of the Splathouse is no different. Jack quickly loses his train of thought and we learn about the gimmick for this week’s episode.

Well not entirely a gimmick….what do they call that now?….a theme….the theme of this week’s show is “Stealing Activism” which the first segment has absolutely nothing to do with (except a few moments here and there) but that’s not a big deal! The Official Blackboard Magic Mike “BDP” comes on the show and discusses the recent onslaught of drama in ‘s community. Him and Jack discuss Women Posters not Posting, Pour some liquor on the grave of the Ill Community, then BDP drops the first ever Power Rankings of his BB Ladies, who were in no particular order @Blue Flame @Eleanordewitt @KVenus @Blue Flame …… and even more?

Next Jack has an exclusive with the World Famous Inventor of Dark-Skin Activism, Rashida Marie Strober, who has recently been dealing with the issue of a copycat taking her work (sound familiar BB members?) Rashida holds nothing back and GOES IN against an onslaught of the alleged Thief (Activist “Chrissie”) and her fans. She also tells more about her upcoming book, her nationwide play tour, and why she can never work with someone who stoops as low as she says Chrissie Has.

Jack wraps it up with another loud message to the Fukk ASS WEASEL who is trying to come up off the BB’s name. He make’s it clear that if this imitator wants to go to war that Jack already is ready to drop bombs over bagdad. Belee Dat. *DROP FLEX BOMBS x5*

Don’t miss another memorable episode of the BEST Podcast for Any Black Site out there. The Splathouse

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  • Black people are paying attention to Chrissie. I ran across chrissie from a couple of big beauty youtubers that have over 500 thousand subscribers.

    I notice they had her videos on their video likes. Isn't that the point of being a darkskin/colorism activist to bring awareness to this issue?

    Chrissie was starting to reach big youtubers and people that was beginning to spread the message. Rashida is so driven by ego that she doesn't see the bigger picture.

    Rashida is doing the crab in the barrel thing. Rashida is gets mad easily. Rashida doesn't know how to articulate when she's upset. She start getting ratchet as hell when she pissed off.

    People don't want to hear nobody crying they want to hear someone who can remain on topic and give solutions. I'm really pissed off at rashida jealous ass.

    She's mad that people don't want to mess with her ghetto ass that's full of nothing but ego. she's a stupid bitch. i can't with this chick. Chrissie was reaching youtubers
    like makeupdoll, ivydear and the naturalsistas that's big as fuck.

    Rashida a bitch

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