Thom Hartmann on Science & Green News: 3/15/16

Thom Hartmann comments on science and green news for the week of March 14, 2016.

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  • I would comment on this but YouTube has been rejecting all my comments with error 400, network error no matter what network I use.

  • The republicans have already won the climate issue. Not because the climate isn't changing, it sure as hell is. They won because we are past the point we can do anything about it. They're getting those scenes from the book of revelations they've been looking forward to in just a few decades.

    We past the point we should be mobilizing people to fix it. Now we're to the part we need to mobilize people and resources to get off the planet.

  • "This is not how a democracy should work."????????

    We are NOT a democracy……nor was one intended, although the mythology
    you believe is "history" somehow has transformed the "greed and avarice" of
    the excluded elite ( framers and founders ) into the self sacrificing saints of
    pure imagination. Nor would a democracy produce results that would be
    much different because the same methods could be applied to produce the
    desired effect. To achieve a different result, people would have to be both
    knowledgeable and capable of reasoned intelligence which would have to then
    overcome their immediate perceived self interest, which humans have yet to achieve.

    Unlike the fantasy you present, our species is NOT altruistic. While the characteristic
    exists, it is extremely limited in scope……and very selective in application. Your
    prominently displayed "fantasy" ( of today ) seems to suggest that Edison might
    be some one to be admired…..when in reality he was a thief and an exploiter of
    others whenever possible……attention deficit disorder is NOT a skill set, and despite
    your fairy tale, hunter/gatherer lifestyle did not promote or favor the condition….for
    if it existed then, they would not have survived the experience…….the more threatening
    the environment, the more attention is required to focus and be aware of it.

    Please find another hobby soon.

  • vote them out" – or impeach for treason – or better still, prosecute for crimes against humanity and the planet (include Fossil Fool CEO's). Since they're such massive A-holes/butt buddies they can easily 'amuse/ each other in prison for life.

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