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Written by wearecephalization


Nobody said that being a mom is easy but then again nobody told us it would be this hard either (or did they?). Imagine dragging your tired limbs to bed every night only to wake up at 3 am to the hysterical screams of your little one. Imagine having your patience tested day in and day out and feeling like you want nothing better than to punch right through a wall. Imagine explaining to your sobbing 5 years old why mommy’s not rich enough to buy him a Mercedes. Imagine feeling like you’re stuck in your own twisted version of Groundhog Day on a daily basis. Can you? Can you really?


Motherhood is indeed one big emotional rollercoaster to say the least. You become the supreme wonder woman, jam-pack your day with a hundred and one chores and then turn your eyes heavenward when the 24 hours sadly and very predictably run out. The love we have for our kids simply get the better of us more often than not and leaves us feeling absolutely drained.


The cute little munchkins become our world. Every single thing they feel in their teeny little hearts we feel in ours. But, oh, boy, aren’t we just so very tired? It is remarkable how we even keep going when our legs feel like they turning to jelly and we find sandbags under our eyes every morning.But we do.


But remember all you mothers out there you never have to say sorry for being tired. It will all get better. Trust me, it will but for now let the motherly love brewing in your heart simply wear you out. It will all be worth it someday.

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