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  • Another sceptic prediction that went totally wrong, in 2017 temperature increase resumed with the predicted trend by nasa. Antarctic ice saw a record low.

  • Ben, thank you for doing an excellent job. Do you think you could do a review of the permafrost melting reports I don't see any comparative information and it looks pretty one sided when it comes to global warming

  • the most dangerous aspect of human caused climate change is the increased atmospheric moisture . this increase alone will cause more disruption than greenhouse gas or ocean warming .

  • can anyone point me in a good direction to find a reconciliation of Ben's stated hypothesis on climate change and fossil gas data pre-Pliocene? it's great to know that after decades of faulty science we are just a few years away from having a unified model of climate and solar forcing. i'm still just stuck right now on earth's supposed diminished radiance given lower solar activity. so depressing thinking all that work i did at the turn of the century with the THC was a complete waste of time.

  • Greetings Ben, I watch your daily video, saw this older one and decided to watch. It may be your best ever. Thanks for your efforts.

  • SCIENCE IS primarily based on EVIDENCE. What's your evidence? the sun is not the only source but one minor one. just to name one more factor influencing warming is volcanism in oceans tectonic pilates.

  • 8/9/2017 Hottest summer on record month and a half still to go. Been in smoke for over 3 weeks, a blessing, it blocks the intense heat 98*F+ Whew, no rain here no wind like being in a vortex on some strange planet!

  • If you had any understanding of heat in the climate you would know that extremes occur as a result. It is now Aug.2017. and observations of real events have proven climate predictions wrong…It's much worse! EG. old sea ice in the Arctic has effectively disappeared far sooner than predicted. The Jet stream has slowed and is now meandering more than ever causing extremes in weather systems; and the list goes on. So you're right. The IPCC has woefully misrepresented the data and despite your claimed corruption it's still warmer than anticipated. As for the 'hiatus' in warming over the last 20yrs or so…well i just love those cherries 🙂 Bottom line is the climate doesn't give a toss about how we feel. As you said right at the beginning; the climate is warming and there is very little (if anything) we can do to stop it …Big ride coming our way soon. Wohooo!

  • Anyone think the last solar eclipse caused the weather to change and cause huge hurricane harvey that sat over texas and dumped up to 50" inches of rain ?

    We dont butt who knows ? Of course the fearporn channels will run this story for views

    Hi Ben💨😎

  • Biggest threats to blocking the Sun's rays are the accumulation of HUMAN FARTS!

    HUMAN FARTS are unique unlike COW FARTS, HUMAN FARTS have different gases which eat at the Ozone and the Stratosphere together they allow the OCEAN to absorb more WATER VAPOR not Co2!

    We need to start taking daily drugs to reduce or in the future stop all human farting since it will end humans ability to live on Earth as soon as 2033-2040

    Ecologists and Atmospheric scientists have known about the HUMAN FARTS problem for nearly 40 years!!!!

  • Its about extremes hot cold..more often ..less often… science is about factual measurment and analycis NOT about conpiricsy
    went did in fact go to the moon vaccines will save us.. man made gases ARE effecting climate.

  • It is the deniers that have pushed the idea that we blame it all on human induced pollution , wrong i accept both , what are we going to do about it ? That is the problem – on a planet that is unstable they want more nuclear plants that is crazy – they want to deforest , they want to mine the shit out of the planet . and we keep on populating like there is nothing wrong ! so dangerous ! Your supporting that , even if you say you aren't .

  • I find it hard to believe that people would not understand that temperatures around a volcano go up even though there is no eruptions. The whole area is warmer. If that volcano had ice over it wouldn't the ice melt?
    These objections are from trolls. You can tell the trolls from real people by the insults they throw. Some paid and other have a stake in this new tax they are debating. Money makes the world go round and this is no exception. The people who actually do work and find out the raw data and compare to what is being published are the winners. The rest are Whiners and Insult machine with an interest in the fight.
    No one is denying climate change, What they are denying is the systematic changing of facts to target CO2 as the preventable reason.

  • Great video as always. Let´s see what some PHD´s that say they know it all, will do if the data from Sun´s activity turns to be, as said by many scientists, going to a grand minimum and really bring freezing cold in the next 10 or 20 years putting crops around the globe to misery. That will be for laughs, seing them turn red and redder because of their puffed up egos. That will be the real test to all these all-knowing ones. The universe doesn´t care to what they say they know, the universe will do what it wants to do, as it has been doing for the last few billions of years, regardless of what they say they think they know and of all their certainties given to them by their certificates. And now people are so blinded by mainstream propaganda of global warming that they are not believing that a cold era is close on our heels. Their loss. Entire civilizations have been decimated by these cold eras and people are happily believing that global warming is here to stay. It never was and it never will as the freezing cold is the normal state of this part of the universe, as data from ice cores and others sources shows. Eyes open.

  • At least 4 MAJOR ICE AGES have come and gone without ANY contributing factors by Man. Ummmm.. what were the other 2 again ? lol

  • Dude even if we ignore the models there is hard evidence that climate change is real. As a matter of fact the climate change is more than predicted by the models….and feedback loops are kicking in which will accelerate the process. I choose to believe 97{2926adbe9d5efe15cdd71803f3adbd0753091c5491a4687b622765a0a93bb12e} of climate scientists rather than people like you.

  • I've said it all a long. chem trails should be illegal for sure. it helps heat up the planet. look into it. it's really used to heat up Antarctica. but doesn't seem to bother our government's. cause it's still not illegal to spray the sky's. HELLO!!!

  • The oceans are warming so MORE water evaporates. Then its a case of what goes up must come down so the moisture comes down and if it comes down in winter it often comes down as snow. So we get MORE snow.

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