Top Green Driving and Fuel Efficiency Tips

Written by wearecephalization

Global warming is not only the issue of few countries or nations actually; it is connected with the survival of humanity. With the help of few simple tips, you can save your fuel and can become a green driver.

Weight: At first, throw out all unnecessary stuff from your car because less weight means less consumption of fuel on a daily basis.

Refueling: Most of us want to keep our car always full of fuel but over fueling is not only harmful and could be a reason for car crash but it evaporates fuels and emits harmful gases as well.

Switch off the engine: It is a common habit of drivers that they don’t bother to turn off their engines when they stuck in a traffic jam but automotive experts say, if you want to save your fuel then switch off your engine in a traffic jam.

Harsh acceleration and braking: Overspeeding leads harsh acceleration and braking. However, to improve your fuel economy or for a safe journey, drivers must avoid harsh braking and accelerations.

Careful motorway/highway driving: Most of us think, it is our right to drive very fast at highways that is wrong. In actual, we should follow the golden rules of defensive driving at highways or motorways as well.


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