Trevor Moore and Joe Rogan on making Social Media Activism your Personality

Social acceptance is an aspect of social behavior it is the degree to which an individual is actively brought into social interactions by others, in individual and or group relationships. Barriers to social acceptance may be prejudice, stigma.

Among children and teenagers, they do a lot of things to try and be accepted among friends, also known as peer pressure. Adults do some of the same things out of the desire for the acceptance and approval of their friends. To be one of the gang, they do some of the same things like drinking, swearing or taking drugs just to fit in. They base fashion on the latest tips from magazines and fashion experts.

Social acceptance could be defined as the fact that most people, in order to fit in with others, look and act like them. Social acceptance may in time lead to social approval.

Social approval is the positive evaluation of an individual or group in a social context. The social reinforcement provided has important inplications for social behavior, in that people will generally consistently act in ways to win approval and avoid criticism.

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  • It's funny in my stats class I've been running running regression analyses with variations of technology use as a dependent variable and age, education and an interaction of them as the independent variables. Twitter was the only variable where usage decreased with education across all age groups.  

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