Trump: Jobs over climate change (entire speech)

President Donald Trump says his executive order to curb the federal government’s enforcement of climate regulations will help create more jobs for Americans.

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  • Such an idiot! Yeah, bold idiot!
    Stupidity is the most big problem in the world ! And we are living in its epicenter. I wish it would be just a bad dream. He is bulling , just protecting the industry's which are ruining the environment and causing unrepairable damage to the whole planet. Only thing he knows is money making, and this is his criteria in decision making. He isn't educated enough and lacks of a broad vision , one other words he isn't suitable for doing the president's job.
    4 ears is enough to destroy everything he touches, and now he has a power to touch practically anything , not only private parts of opposite sex human beings. There is no time to sleep and tolerate this disaster in human form!

  • This is what happens when you vote a walking meme into fucking office.

    Well played America, well played.

  • We aren't going to be a good country anymore when climate change destroys earth when trumps ass is doing absolutely nothing to help anyone outside the US, helping people is what makes america great again, not being number 1 and trying to have better stuff than other countries makes america retarted

  • If there is a god, federation of planets, doctor strange, or anyone : please help us save this planet before we burn it up with CLEAN COAL !! Sources of clean energies are solar, wind and hydro electric powers !!

  • He only cares about jobs and not climate change
    We gonna be dead before we all get a job, so GOOD JOB TRUMP

  • We should not do what America want,but what's good for the Earth.America will be responsible for the destruction of the Earth.And why?Money.What a shame…

  • Of course, why protect the planet that gives you food, water, air to breath, resources and much more when you can damage it for money

  • Even if climate change isn't real, which it is, Republicans are perfectly okay with polluting water, soil, air.

  • How about more American jobs for Engineers and Builders to create solar panels and wind turbines? The number of jobs created for Americans via that route will surely TRUMP that of the coal industry.. and maybe then we won't all be underwater in a few decades

  • The term climate change is used over global warming because there are some countries that will get colder due to global warming (an oxymoron but there is scientific proof of this). This is caused by melt water from the polar icecaps diluting global ocean currents. There is a global ocean current known as the gulf stream and this pulls warm water from the gulf of mexico up by the north west of America and Scotland. The gulf stream heats up these regions and also explains why Scotland is a warmer country than Canada even though they share the same lateral line. As the icecaps melt the warm water pulled by the gulf stream will cool and in turn will cause these regions to cool.

    If you seriously deny climate change I would recommend going to google scholar and searching for journals there, every journal will have been peer reviewed by other scientists on a global scale.

  • Almost all the institutes in the world, which deal with the study of the climate, are state institutes. The employees working there are government workers and deliver the results that the state requires of them. The current "political correctness" awaits the affirmation of the alleged climatic disaster, as the UNO announces via IPCC.

         These alleged scientists are absolutely in the minority. But they are in power. The others, the majority, have no power. So we have the international fact that a minority – as is so often the case in human history – terrorizes a majority. If
    the truth of the climate were published tomorrow, thousands of alleged
    scientists without work … and the media would be one of their most
    profitable topics. In such gigantic events you have to ask again and again: cui bono?

  • Why are we Americans so hell bent on fossil fuels? The evidence of Climate Change is in our face but we elect a president that simply doesn't care. That's sad. As time goes on, everything has changed, but one thing that has never changed is burning fossil fuels for energy. We need to find a better, renewable energy source and quick, not for our sake, but for our children, and our children's children. We need to think about the future..

  • The 21st century has no need for coal miners, the world needs more engineers and scientists. It's cruel, but true. If Trump really cared about these people, he would invest in education.

  • Trump is going to die in 10 years or so looking at the average lifespan. He doesn't give a fuck about anything but the very near future, as do most other old executives who pay politicians and """independent""" think tanks to promote climate change denial.

  • ​​I am so glad he is not falling for this "paris"joke even when the mob does, it would cost millions of jobs for 0.02c decrease in temp by 2100 as told by their own models, its about redistributing nothing more.

  • Why are All the regulations not working ??????we have hurricane after hurricane maybe it's just a scam for politicians to get money out of factories .

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