Typhoon Haiyan aftermath: US Marines arrive in Philippines to assist humanitarian aid effort

US aid and military personnel arrived in the Philippines on Monday, after the country was hit by one of the most powerful typhoons ever to make landfall.

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  • People always shit on the US but there always the first to give aid. You never hear of rich countries like KSA/qatar/Q8 giving aid.

  • The USA and Israel give more than the rest because the Philippines are against the USA and Israel and have desired to divided land of Jerusalem against the USA and Israel.
    They thought the united nations would save them now let the united nations have a chance to go broke trying to do it!

  • The lands that have devised to divide the land of Jerusalem will all also feel the catastrophic catastrophes and greater than these because The Son of God has gone to the Father!
    Read Daniel chapter 11 and 12.
    The Angel has stood up to defend the Saints!
    The one year anniversary of the "set up" to divide Jerusalem is Approaching!
    They have not repented yet! Watch with thin eye the destruction of the wicked that stand against the Saints!

  • America should get a bailout from china for helping ALL  the countries they feed , cloth, treat medical and ALL the other humanitarian help they do to help the countries that continue to suffer day after day. meanwhile I want to thank the other countries that help too, and the brave soldiers and others who CARE.  IN  FACT THERE SHOULD BE A  UNITED BILL MADE FOR COUNTRIES TO GET FUNDING AND RELEIF MONEY TO BE PAID BY ALL COUNTRIES IN TIMES OF HELP. some of you may say the U.N but I do not recognize them for helping unless they are taking chemical weapons and handing out sanctions. AND monitor the money so nobody can steal it and get rich like they always  have. like Corazon Aquino did ?

  • LEave em to rot! The USA should not be helping these back stabbers…their own govt should take out some of their corruption money and help their own peeps…Fuck the philippines.

  • We all commend America for its actions and support . You now have a presence in the Philippine’s which is what you wanted . I am sure if put to the Vote to the normal Philippine  PEOPLE  you would be accepted with open arms and asked to stay  .

    Try not to judge its normal people on its Government’s actions , like the world does not judge the American people  for the decisions of your Government .

  • WOW…just found out today about the crisis in Philippines, I also did a small contribution to help. GOD bless you all my Brother philippinos from MEXICO.

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