Ukraine News Oct 30- 4th Russian Convoy w/Humanitarian Aid

– Gorlovka was hit early morning with mortar fire. In Donetsk was heard occasional breaks in the vicinity of the airport last night punishers bombed city with incendiary mines.

– Today is expected to arrive the 4th convoy with humanitarian aid from Russia in naznacheniya.Avtokolonna includes everything necessary to rebuild infrastructure in the Donbass.

– Representatives proclaimed the People’s Republic of Donetsk are in talks with Kiev on the exchange of prisoners according to the “30 to 30”.

– In Mariupol, the Ukrainian troop attack that began on the eve of parliamentary elections, is stopped. Militia counterattacked and are ever closer to the city. The Ukrainian side, in turn, is actively preparing for evacuation

– In Volnovakha DNI 2 Ukrainian howitzer shell hit the yard of a kindergarten, no info on destruction and casualties yet.


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