Updates on the growing humanitarian crisis in Puerto Rico

An Army general has been sent to the island to command the government’s relief operation, and Congress has set aside billions of dollars for hurricane relief.

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  • I'm a joke as a fucking President. You think I care about the American people I don't. I don't even care about my stupid brainwashed trumptards

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  • Who's responsibility & can THINK OUTSIDE OF The BOX! to manpower the container management & distribution?!  They need gas for trucks to distribute but in the meanwhile those container should be prioritized so people can have access to essential supplies.

  • Trump doesn't give a damn about Puerto Rico or its people.

    Why, you ask?

    No Congressional Representatives, and no Presidential Electoral Votes.

  • We are going to remember his actions on election. We are going to get through this but he won't be able to get through the treason.

  • Stupid ABC reporter it not easy because puerto Rico many street are narrow and many Fallen trees pole to get through people had week before the hurricane and some people probably didn't even prepare.
    This the worst that ever happened to Puerto Rico. NOT ONLY

    Puerto Rico all the Virgin Island. And the state of Texas had problems. Never in history has so much problems has happened so fast one after another.

  • Puerto Rico even kicked out the Army from their Island. I am Puerto Rican I just been there th Puerto Rico is in bad shape not just only now but financially they're in bankruptcy because the government doesn't know how to control its money because they don't want to become a state.
    There are a lot of Puerto Ricans who voted for Trump.

  • Guys please keep in mind, there is not enough gas in PR. Also the roads are fucked atm because of trees and electricity poles ON the streets. The military is probably trying to clear the roads to be able to distribute the merchandise and supplies to where is needed. WE KNOW the supplies are there so be thankful for everyone who has contributed for all of it to get there. Is only a matter of time. Be patient. I'm Puertorican too and it pains me to see my homeland like it is right now. But please stay calm and keep your heads clear. Be united, help each other. Everyone on the island should be working together. Help the military with the streets, help the hospitals. I'm sure there is much help needed in the hospitals considering there is no electricity. You all will get through this, you all just gotta stay strong and work hard. Keep your head up and safe everyone <3

  • I remember the typhoon that hit Guam in 2002 was huge and we didn't had power and water for like 3 months. Prayer goes to Puerto Rico.

  • I don't like the news caster. He's sideways to the camera, because his nose is broken. I don't trust people like that it's insecure. 👃

  • for the stupid comments about the president, P R is not Texas or Florida is an island cant drive trucks on water, the gov needs to clear the roads first cant send truck when the roads are undrivable ass holes.the president is doing everything he can but they are the one blocking all his effort to help.

  • If I were thirsty, hungry and dispossessed, watching my friends and family suffer, possibly dying, I'd be much comforted by Melania showing up in a $10,000 frock and $5,000 high heels, not a spot on her, make-up perfect, not hardly appearing her 50 years age.

  • There is a simple solution to Puerto Rico. They should try to move in USA like Florida, New York, California. Start migrating to USA and vote Democrate on 2020 election.

  • Why wasn’t relief set up in advance as was the case with Texas and Florida? Everyone knew in advance that Marie was going to cover the whole island, some parts more than others, Is the difference in service related to income and race? I hope this opens the eyes of people who put so much faith in government see just how incompetent it really is.

  • Puerto Rico was an economic basket case before the hurricanes. Every time we have tried to get Puerto Rico to vote for statehood they always say NO because if they say yes then they have to pay US income taxes which they don't want to do. They collect Social Security, food stamps & welfare & pay nothing for it. I won't consider Puerto Ricans as US citizens until they pay US taxes like the rest of us. I say we give them their independence whether they want it or not. Here is a thought for them, get off your ass & help yourselves.

  • The relief supplies are on the ground and Cruz is not delivering them she is a traitor and terrorist. The terrorist news network wants to blame trump for Teamsters and Cruz decision to fuck over their own people BRING OUT THE FEMA GUILLOTINES!

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