Utilitarian libertarianism – Do the activism that’s efficient and fun for *you*

Sponsor: – Utilitarian libertarianism – Do the activism that’s efficient and fun for *you.*

Some or all of the vid/aud in this clip’s likely available for you to use, commercially or however you like. Basically anything that was shot by me or was public domain to begin with. My stuff is automatically released into the public domain. At least until I say otherwise. Usually if I shot it, “RidleyReport.com” or “YouTube.com/WinWinParty” will appear at the bottom. Anything which has that super or was obviously shot by me is public domain.

This vid is, or likely will be, part of a playlist. A link should eventually appear below, where you can watch in sequence:

Illustrated with video, from RidleyReport.com & friends.

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  • So, if you became so efficient at producing videos that you could put one together in 2 hours/day every day, what would the rest of your day look like?

    I think Ian has become so efficient that his other activities are well used in having credible first hand stories that add to the show (as long as he can stay out of a cage).

    I'll call myself a generalist, doing a little bit of many things, until I find my specialty.

  • Not only that, but maybe others derive pleasure from diversifying. And maybe such an individual won't feel that way next week. To each their own. The very definition of freedom. We can all look at ourselves and each other and imagine ways to do things better. In the end, we're only responsible for our own time, actions, and involvement.

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