Vegan Activist DESTROYS Ignorant Reporter

Gary Yourofsky, Animal Rights Activist, discusses common questions about veganism in this brief interview from Israeli Prime Time TV. And destroys the ignorant reporter in the process! Visit Gary’s website


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  • Funny how meat eaters get offended when we compare animals to people (ie, the holocaust) but they want to compare us to lions and animal carnivores. Lol. Hypocriteeeee

  • When your not a vegan, you just can't accept this concept you just lack the understanding entirely 😔! Hopefully we all can convince the meat eaters too stop this violence against animals by voicing our concerns collectively it just angers me😠 to see how vy little care mankind have for live as a whole ! It hurts to see a animal murdered 😭. It is so awful , and very costly as well to raise these animals for meat.. It's destroying our entire green lands
    And sea life distinction as well ⚠..thank you brother for your efforts to spread the message of love to all. Love your honesty and courage ✌…

  • WOW! Gary, You are so cool. I am a born vegetarian (had occassional yogurt/buttermilk growing up), now a vegan!. My kids, my parents and grandparents, my extended family all are either lacto-vegetarians or vegans for the generations as far back as they can remember. I have more facts to help you why humans are herbivores, on the lines that they chew food, not tear and gulp… Humans drink water, carnivores lick water. Human intestines are 30 meters long, food stays in the stomach much longer, meat rots in human intestines and is a leading cause for colon cancer. Carnivore intestines are very short about 1-2 meters long, suitable for quick excretion of meats they eat. Carnivore excrements are hazardous, unlike cow excrements which are turned into organic fertilizers. Also carnivores run, hunt, skin and eat raw flesh, they don't cook their meat and add spices to make it edible. I have no issues, if a human carnivore wants run behind a cow, a goat, a sheep, a pig or a chicken in open area, kill it with bare hands (lion kills with its paws, and teeth), skin it and eat raw flesh with bare hands, please be my guest. The carnivore human will give up meat right away. Most carnivores humans don't even know how meat is manufactured, but drool when someone sells neatly packaged meats at the store or cooked steaks at restaurants… Sometimes lions get killed by elephants you know… I dare a carnivore human to catch their prey and eat raw meat like other carnivorous animals do.

  • Yourofsky didn't "DESTROY Ignorant Reporter". He had just put forward sound and convincible arguments in front of her of why it is just and the right thing to go vegan…

  • also all the meat eaters here trying to justify their murder by saying meat "tastes good" is p fuckin dumb considering the fact that most everything they eat has spices and such added to it so it can be replicated with something like jackfruit and tofu with the SAME taste plus you're not actively killing animals and eating something healthier in general

  • Personally, i never felt like hiding in the bushes stalking for a prey.. jump out of the bush and tear some animal into pieces and stuffing that into my mouth.. such an absurd idea! So it was long ago i stopped eating meat. One time in my life i just began to feel that meat is not suitable food for myself. Yet my cats love to do exactly what i prescribed; but they do have the biological and mental characteristics suitable for hunting n meat eating 🙂 i dont 😀

  • I think she was quite respectful, asking him questions that many people have. That was her job as an interviewer. He just handled it so beautifully. I consider it to be a very good interview overall. He is such a pro!

  • Dude didnt skip a beat, not once. No studder, no guessing. He was on point throughout with knowledge. Good good stuff.

  • Ugh, he doesn't flinch "no, it's the circle of torture and death!" I'm so glad this interview on this channel has over a half million views! Be well Gary you're so missed. Thank you for changing my life over 5 years ago.

  • This is where empathy has gone too far, there is no reason to abandon domestic animal as our food source just because we feel sorry for other non human creatures. Death is like that, you can never truly feel what any other creatures feel, but only empathy and the fear of being dead.

  • I am all for going vegan, and for educating people as to why, and how. And I went vegan myself, 50 years ago. I don't know if there are any vegan rapists, but there ARE a couple of vegan murderers that I have heard about. Perhaps there are even more – vegan murderers whose murders have not become public knowledge. The 2 famous vegan murderers are the Sandy Hook murderer, who killed a bunch of people randomly, most of them children, was someone who professed to have gone vegan, so as not to harm animals. Gavin Long aka Cosmo Setepenra, who killed 3 police officers in Baton Rouge, professed to be a vegan, professed to be vegan because he didn't want to harm animals. Also, not that it would justify killing the 3 cops if he selected 3 arrogant or racist cops to kill, but there is no evidence that he singled out any particular cops to kill. It appears he just shot at the first cops that came into his vicinity, without knowing who they were. Most vegans make occasional exceptions to their veganism. For example I myself – I found a nice pair of denim pants in a second hand store that had a little leather patch on the back. I decided to buy it even though the patch was of animal origin. Going vegan did not prevent me from making this occasional exception. Simply going vegan does not appear to be enough to prevent a person from making an occasional exception for human animals, in regard to their choice not to kill animals.

  • EXXXXXACTLY If he is regarded as a terrorist for spreading compassion and calling others out for killing/murdering other beings then really WHAT does that make those whom are killing or supporting the murder of others by creating a demand for Animal Flesh ??? PEACE and FREEDOM to ALL LIVING BEINGS <3

  • I love this video and deeply appreciate Gary's amazing passion and dedication. I too know that one day (sooner rather than later) all humanity will return to being vegan. I know this because before our fall from Grace we were all vegan and light receivers. Everyone and everything lived in peace – including the animals. So as part of our evolution on Earth back to a plant based diet, all animals and humans who cannot or will not make the shift will leave and continue their evolution elsewhere. Let us all choose peace and actively do so! Thank you again Gary. May you always be blessed. Namaste.

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