Village Summit & MRULE Community Activism (Lansing 6 News)

Lansing 6 News story of Village Summit working together with Michigan State University group MRULE (Multi-Racial Unity Living Experience) to assist and mentor children in the surrounding community.

Village Summit Mission:
A previously foreclosed house, transformed into a valuable resource for the neighborhood. Our mission is focused on helping children in the community and building bonds between community members through volunteerism and personal service. Our goal is improving the quality of life through education, social consciousness, and access to information and other valued resources. People without transportation can access support that they could not normally reach. Neighbors in the area are excited about the idea of having a resource where children can get help with homework and tutoring within walking distance.

Village Summit Official Website:

MRULE Mission:
The Multi-Racial Unity Living Experience (MRULE) offers students in Residence Halls and beyond opportunities to increase knowledge and understanding of what they can do to contribute to positive race relations in their lives and their communities. It provides students from all backgrounds a unique forum to come together. Through open and frank discussions on controversial issues, informative presentations, interactive exercises and a variety of experiences that encourage the development of genuine friendships, students create and cultivate the experience of multiracial unity. They learn through action the concept of unity and diversity, while developing leadership skills that give them an edge on working and thriving in diverse environments.

MRULE Official Website:

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