What people get wrong about climate change

When discussing climate change, it’s not about saving the planet.

195 countries just made a historic agreement to battle climate change. But it’s easy to get overwhelmed by the politics and details. Here we zoom out from the present moment, taking a look at where we came from to get a new perspective on where we’re headed.

Learn all about the Paris climate change deal here:

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  • Thinking about our existence (in the first minute or so)is weird, and is not helped by the flashing images.

  • Kinda of hope we all die. Humans abuse animals and kill each other for fun instead of survival like natural animals do. We did it to ourselves by refusing to be responsible for out footprints

    u didn't even talk about climate change
    u think global warming is fake
    and glaciers are not melting
    frikkin idiots
    report this video guys

  • Yes, the planet will be here, and will probably slowly recover, but some species might be gone and so it may never be the same. Look at Chernobyl today, some species, many, in fact are back and thriving, but there were also issues.
    And what about Polar Bears? It breaks my hear to see them starving, and coastal areas are gradually being overtaken by the rising seas. So are all of those peol;e going to be joining me on my mountain is CO?

  • 1:10 and onward kinda feels like a video a class would watch centuries down the line…long after the human species have destroyed themselves ><

  • The planet will go on and new species might adapt to these changes… The real problem is: do humans can manage these changes? That's why is so worrying. The planet as it changes doesn't care really

  • They used to call it global warming…..but the planet has been cooling since my buddy Gore's bullshit. so climate change is the all encompassing. (it's shorter for winter, spring, summer and fall) LMFAO

  • Climate change doesn't exist. What does is an ideological fallacy. If we as a people respected the earth as we were told. " reap what you sow " This I am sure would not even be a consideration. Due to the fact that this has been anticipated. We have to live here. The real problem we have is industrial. They try to make it sound friendly so they call it environmental. As if the environment is somehow responsible for our actions.

  • Where can I get the (vintage black and white illustrations) stock images that you guys used?

  • Has anybody looked at the Sun as a cause of Climate Change? It's not that Climate Change is not happening. I'm sure it has changed and will continue to change while this planet still spins. We should do all we can to protect the environment. Lets not pave the earth over for a new WalMart.
    And lets not forget about how leaders and nations lie to themselves and their people to get their way. I'm tired of being told that it's all my fault the planet is going to fry. Why all the doom and gloom? Why dose every problem the human race faces will only end in our destruction? We're being scared to death so much we don't care anymore why we're going to die. The moment I hear someone talking about climate change, I tune them out. Don't want to hear it. Ok, we're doomed. Maybe the dogs or the roaches will have better luck.

  • The truth is,
    The Planet will survive.
    Humans will also survive,
    just not most of them.

    The planet will not kill most of us,
    We will kill each other to survive.

    Food, shelter, water will become more expansive than most people can afford.
    And that, is the beginning of the end.

  • It's amusing reading the comments from the deniers on this thread. You see, there is ONLY one political body on this entire planet that wholesale denies the science of climate change. ONLY ONE. That political body is called the GOP. Thus, they have taken a POLITICAL POSITION, not a scientific one. So, it's quite clear that if you're a denier you are taking a political position, too, not a scientific one.

    That makes you ignorant.

    Your political position of denial and ignorance doesn't trump the entire planet. Period. You are a fool if you continue to front your anti-science stance. We are laughing at you because of it, too.

  • The timing is right in some points, although I would add the civilization "We know" started 12.000 years ago, but is egocentric and naive to believe that in the millions years the earth has existed only "our" civilization flourished in the past 0.0001{2926adbe9d5efe15cdd71803f3adbd0753091c5491a4687b622765a0a93bb12e} of its time existence. Huge climate changes probably destroyed previous ways of life and eventually will do the same with ours. We are just accelerating the process.

  • Forget the term climate change. No one can deny that our air, water, & lands are polluted. Over 100,000 people die a year in China due to air pollution! No one can deny that animals are going extinct, forests are depleting, the ice is melting, & we have piles on piles of trash, unused goods, & wasted food!!! Forget climate change.. we are abusing our earth!! Point blank.

  • The sheer number of people who still say '"Climate change is a hoax" is astounding. And to think of it, these are the ones that claim who complain that the days are getting hotter/colder by the day.

  • This is the best explanation of Climate Change I have ever seen. It makes it clear what the risks are for civilisation if we fail to take climate change seriously. It's not about saving the planet, it's about us and our vulnerability to a level of climate disruption civilisation has never seen.

  • That's not entirely true. Current trends suggest life might not be able to evolve rapidly enough to keep up with global warming.

  • Earth is just a rock in space. It doesn't care about us or anything happening on its surface. We need to stop climate change to save ourselves.

  • No. A. They used data for 150 thousand years when we have over 450 thousand years of data showing a specific pattern, NOTHING unusual about where we are right now. And B. There is no conclusive study showing that carbon emissions are drastically affecting the temperature in the way that many claim. And C. These projections are based off of cherry picking data, and making claims that aren't backed by concrete studies.

  • out of all the climate change films i've seen & things I've read this was the best I've seen. In that in just 2:45 minutes you produced such a clear message of the key problem that everyone should hear & know.

  • Interesting. Never thought in this way before. We are the one who lives on the earth, and now earth is changing her own body temperature while we are worrying about her instead of thinking what could the change bring to us.

  • Yeah tell that to a creationist. They will never believe you so therefore to them this video is as pointless as hair growing on a men's back. I mean to them all those fossils fuel we use were put on earth by god for us use and don't tell them the earth is more that 6,000 years they will call it a blasphemy. How do we teach creationism someone as to pretend to talk on god's behalf him/herself. Simple.

  • Good video but it is also about saving the thousands of others species that humans depend on for survival. If ecosystems fail, we fail.

  • I wonder how can we know certain temperature of past 200 000 years, since humans are able to measure temperature for about 0,15{2926adbe9d5efe15cdd71803f3adbd0753091c5491a4687b622765a0a93bb12e} of it's existence (200k years). And the data of just certain locations (which aren't very accurate as for the whole earth's temperature) are there for even less of time. The video is great though.

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