Why climate change researchers are freaking out

Some transparency advocates fear public access to data might disappear.

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  • Climate change happens every 120 thousand years and we are in the warming section. First it was global warming, now it's weather change. Then, it's going to be global cooling, that's the way it works.
    This (now) weather change is being used to have everyone thinking the same. After everyone is thinkng the same on global weather change, the NWO will change the story a little at a time to fit their agenda.
    Polution should be stopped, but it's not causing weather change.

  • The country is $20T in debt. Trump & Pruitt are ending the wasteful spending of billions of dollars on this non-sense. Matters not if the climate is changing or not, there in nothing mankind can do to control the global environment. And the cause is not fossil fuels, but over population and deforestation.

  • Yes scientists have to make the data, grow the data and tend the data … Basically just make it all up because global warming isn't even happening and climate change is natural. That's why they have to fiddle the books to make it look the Earth is heating up. Phony science!

  • Outfits like NOAA have been bending the data to keep the hoax of AGW alive ''the Karl 15 papers'' so not only should funding be cut .They should be closed down.

  • Time, money and focus for climate change impacts should include grid reinforcement, building of sea walls for low lying efforts and ways to reproduce food following changes due to the sun, magnetic pole shift and tectonic plate shifts.

  • General rule of thumb everybody when two different data sources say contradictory things check their input because one of them is wrong. Between the satellites and the land measurement I will go with the satellite simply because they cover the entire globe where as the land based measurements only cover about 12 1/2{2926adbe9d5efe15cdd71803f3adbd0753091c5491a4687b622765a0a93bb12e} of the entire surface of the north western hemisphere that's not good. They publicly admitted several times now that they have to "guesstimate" The areas that are not directly monitored when you have to guesstimate 80{2926adbe9d5efe15cdd71803f3adbd0753091c5491a4687b622765a0a93bb12e} or more of your data you need to put more sensors down. Yet given today's political climate I guess what I just said his hate speech because reasons. Sad day sad day

  • Unfortunately this is all just more ignorant liberal crap.

    The true raw data and scientific study information is just like porn. Once it's on the web it is near impossible to get rid of or hide and new stuff will always be getting leaked out to the public by someone who doesn't believe in suppressing it to further any political agenda regardless of who's side is for or against it.

    In fact that continual leaking and impossibility of hiding the real data is exactly why the AGW/CC people keep getting slapped around time after time for cooking their numbers.

    For around three decades now the believers who have screamed the loudest that they were right have never once had any of their predictions come to light in reality.

    And to top it off when every one of those predictions failed they just rewrote the goal and claims to focus on something else as the new scaremongering subject until that failed.

    It's 2017 now and our sea levels have not moved an inch let alone gain the 3 – 10+ feet we were told the would by now.

    Same with global drought and famine. We are now seeing a greening of the planet and are approaching a world wide food glut despite collectively farming less land than ever before.

    Same with our seasonal weather. we have longer more stable spring summer and fall season with shorter less harsh winters and less severe weather extremes not worse which are favorable to all life on this planet.

    Hell, their claims have fallen so short so often that now their cry is that we have to spend our money and give up our freedoms for the future since working for the present has shown them to be full of shit too many times to be credible any more.

  • science has become a religion with global warming. If you can not get next week right regarding weather. what chance do you have predicting it 25 years from now. I have a model and that is wrong as well

  • climate change is real we now cool fast.Chinaknows what is going on China has seen every dynasty collapsed with the onset of solar grand minimums They know the sun not CO2 governs climate

  • Climates are always changing we have never said differently we disagree that its man made. so quit getting caught cooking data latest changing the temperatures from previous decades so it looks like a larger change.
    Yah your nice cushy government job is gone.

  • They burned witches, not Galileo's – they imprisoned those. Quote facts correctly, otherwise it sounds like your making stuff up as you are going along.

  • trump is lying to the people because he believes that he can be fine even when millions die. he will learn he will not, the hard way. either that, or he is just a big fat retard which i fear he is.

  • Carbon Dioxide has an absorption spectrum. 2.7, 4.3, and 15 um.

    The earth radiates energy as heat. Most of the heat energy at the frequencies of Carbon Dioxide absorption is already absorbed. Even if you double or triple the amount of Carbon Dioxide in the atmosphere you will not get any significant warming … perhaps as much as 0.1C.

    Further, temperature data from Satellites, Balloons, and Radiosondes indicate almost no warming for the past 20 years. If it wasn't for the recent strong el Nino event the trend would be cooling.

    The Carbon DIoxide based climate models are all wrong; not a little bit wrong but profoundly wrong. Even the most conservative prediction was for 1C more warming than has occurred. The error is outside the 95th percentile and so the models are scientifically falsified.

    There is no evidence to support the hypothesis that carbon dioxide generated by human activity is having an effect on climate.

    Its the sun that causes phases of warming and cooling in our atmosphere through changes in magnetic field strength and solar wind. Carbon Dioxide does not.

  • If you've ever been to or lived in China you will know that the reason China's economy grew so fast by leaps & bounds is bcs they don't have the strict environmental rules & regulations like the US. If they want to build a factory, they build it!!!

  • Like 9/11 and Benghazi, Anthropogenic Climate Change is just political propaganda to boost a variety of NWO, federal, state and local taxes. Al Gore quotes the 400 PPM concentration of CO2 in our atmosphere as proof. What does that mean? Elementary school kids get it. Just to torture his 5th grade teacher a local science fair student posted Gore’s 400 PPM ratio as 400/1,000,000 = 40/100,000 = 4/10,000 on his science fair poster (5th grade math). Then placed in front of it a large pickle jar filled with 9,996 white marbles and 4 black marbles and ask the question, “Does anyone really think 4 CO2 molecules in 10,000 has any significant impact on our climate?” The teacher wrote a large red “Grade – D” on his poster for all to see. The kid makes a good point, but what does the teacher do? We now live in George Orwell’s “1984” dystopia.

  • This woman is a LIAR! See the truth here on YouTube, start with Dr. Don Easterbrook, Dr. Willie Soon, Dr Roy Spencer. Man caused climate change is like the Catholic Church imprisoning Galileo for stating the earth is not the centre of our solar system.

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